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Chia Wuen's UTAR Graduation Day

Here she is ChiaWuen, my potential girlfriend in the day of her graduation~!

Before that we went for lunch at the Station Kopitiam of Wisma MCA. They have foreign labor working there. So it is not weird to see these:



Basically Station Kopitiam is all time full-house since morning. Every parents is waiting to eat/sit inside. Who cares eventhough the price of the food is more expensive compared to other branch, they still want to enjoy themselves sitting & relaxing.

We manage to get inside the hall with the extra passes given by the kind soul. This is the moment when the singer present a song on stage. I can say it is better than the one during my graduation. Besides that, I have notice people from different course has vary kind of personalities. The students from PR is the most happy and active over the whole ceremony. As for other courses they just look shy at the camera.

I become Chia Wuen's personal photographer and this is only one of the photo taken. Yet she haven't pay me for doing that =X

I guess this is how she pay me *haha*

This cute Winnie Pooh flower is for her

But the first kiss has been grabbed by him. "Yada Yada!", he said.

Here is a speech from her after the graduation ceremony, click here.

PS: Chia Wuen is my sister =)

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