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New Project After Sold Hyundai iTouch

Yay! Yesterday manage to sell out iPod Touch from "Which Hyundai R U?" Contest ! I have written a blog post specially for this Hyundai contest too! >> Click Here << Since the price of iTouch had dropped from RM949 to RM 779 recently Qatrun manage to buy it at RM680 Furthermore this is my first time selling out prizes that I got from contest. A special photo for my buyer =) Qatrun and Zahir *Saw the curiosity of the people standing behind? XD* Thanks Qatrun =) Now I got the funds to treat my team member who participate in the Hyundai contest together. [Especially Nicole + ZJ , Ange and her sis] And the money to change my car tyres, bumper and broken back lights. I got one question, how much do you need to change the tyres? I've surveyed "GoodYear" and it cost RM120/ea There are still much more stuff for me to repair and renew...Yikes! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So...Here comes my another Contest Project The chance to win this game is b