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Jennifer Lopez #DanceAgainWorldTour2012 Live In Malaysia [Video/Photo]

For the first time, me and girlfriend when to this awesome concert  "JLo Dance Again World Tour Live In Malaysia 2012" as early as 6PM to prevent traffic jam!! Traffic to Stadium Merdeka was smooth (Thanks to Waze Traffic Apps), roadside parking only RM10 instead of RM50 this time, bought a RM5 raincoat but later then Galaxy gave us free raincoat at the main entrance. [Children size somemore so you must handle with care wtf haha] Flashmob with Jennifer Lopez's Dance Again Thank you Xpax for these tickets =D Almost everyone wore their raincoat queuing up at the entrance Thankfully I brought my compact cam with me and the security wasn't that strict since it was raining and people wearing raincoat eager to go into the Stadium. If you wanna enjoy concert at your most comfortable state, get concert tickets for my category (for JLo is RM368) as you will have the shade to get rid of the rain and good view of the concert venue. At first we were rush