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UTOO POWER BANK S2 (3000mAh) Review: Thin & Sleek

UTOO POWER BANK S2 (3000mAh) Review: Thin & Sleek So just recently I got this super thin and sleek looking powerbank called 'UTOO Power Bank S2' and I gotta say I am really amazed with the thickness and the huge capacity that it contains. It has no button but very easy to operate, just connect it to your smart phone/device and it will start charging. The 4 LED indicator will show you how many percent battery left. From now on I don't need to bring bulky/fake powerbank to travel with me as I now have UTOO S2 =D Thank to the new Li-Polymer battery material that make slim powerbank possible. UTOO S2 is definitely a good choice if you are looking for power juice that can provide you a 1 time ++ full charge to your smartphone/smartcamera (3000 mAh). Surprisingly it is quite cheap as well, current retail price is only RM 59 but I am sure you can get it at cheaper price if you buy them in bulk. UTOO POWER BANK S2 (3000mAh) as small as an iPhone UTOO POW