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Angela Aki Tegami reminded myself to go after my dream again

Angela Aki / 手紙~拜啟 給十五歲的你~2014 Early in year 2008, I heard a special voice and music by Angela Aki . Since then, I've fall in love with her talent in writing and performing her song with that piano. Today I saw my friend shared her song again on FB with a nice and meaningful MV too. Since I am busy drafting another blogpost, I think it is good to share something nice with you guys. "擁有存在感卓越的歌聲,以及實力堅強的鋼琴造詣,父親為日本人、母親為義裔美國人的A­ngela Aki,在國中以前一直生長於日本的德島縣及岡山縣,在15歲時移居夏威夷,在她於2­002年回到日本以前,Angela Aki一直居住在美國華盛頓特區。出道專輯「Home」挾帶【太空戰士XII】的插曲­、熱門動畫【血戰BLOOD+】片尾曲等等強大單曲,一發行立刻寫下ORICON專輯­榜亞軍的優異成績。同時「手紙~拜啟 給十五歲的你~」一曲除了被收錄到日本的教科書當中,更被台灣歌手翻唱為中文版令華語­樂壇為之驚艷。" Angela Aki / 手紙~拜啟 給十五歲的你~2014 This song is about writing a letter to yourself at the age of 15. It is actually a kind of way to look back at your life and see how silly yourself were at that age and knowing that you've grown up in the end. Well, I didn't write any letters to myself but I guess I can blog more at thi