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SONY NEX-5T Review & Price in Malaysia #SonyNEX5T

SONY NEX-5T Review and Price in Malaysia Remember last week I had a chance to get hands on with Sony new cameras during Sony New Camera Launch 2013 featuring NEX-5T, QX10/QX100, Action Cam, A3000 and Music Video Cam ?? Courtesy of Sony Malaysia I had a chance to review a brand new Sony NEX-5T as well. That's really cool you know? Especially when you love photography =DD If you are looking for a light weight smart camera that can share photos to smartphone/PC with just a few steps. Sony NEX-5T is a very good camera for immediate update especially on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) as the Wi-Fi and NFC is all built in in one same body; If you like to take self photos (selfie), the flippable screen on NEX-5T is very convenient for you to find the right angel and pose to match with the background as well and take awesome selfies! I am gonna share some photos with you soon =) Okie so today I am gonna share what I think about Sony Cyber-shot NEX-5T afte

SONY NEW CAMERA LAUNCH 2013 - NEX-5T, QX10/QX100, Action Cam, A3000, Music Video Cam

SONY NEW CAMERA LAUNCH 2013 IN MALAYSIA Cyber-shot QX100 and QX10, NEX-5T, A3000, 4K Camcorder,Action Cam, MV1 Music Video Recorder On 17 Sep 2013, I've attended the launch of SONY Malaysia 2013 Camera Launch Event as I always wanna know the new technology especially when it is related to the smart cameras =D Among all new camera revealed at the event, I am most interested on QX 100 and QX10 , the Action Camera with waterproof case and of course the SONY NEX-5T smart camera with WiFi and NFC enabled function. I am already immune to DSLR because the heavy weight on it makes me tends to go for smart camera nowadays. Lisa Surihani Ambassador of SONY Camera sharing her photos and how she use the NEX series cam Lisa Surihani @ SONY Camera Launch 2013 Malaysia Do you know when you cross your leg you will look much slimmer? *modeling tips* Basically what Lisa Surihani shared is on how she capture beautiful photos by simply press on the shutter button Zizan Raz