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Kim Hyung Jun (@HyungJun87) in Malaysia: Special Guest for MMFA 2012. Happy/Sad?

Since there are readers who wanted to see more photos of their idol - Kim Hyung Jun . Here's a dedicated photo post just for you fans!! Hyung Jun was the special guest for Malaysia Model Festival Awards 2012 [MMFA 2012 ] and upon his arrival a big bunch of girl fans appeared at the same time as well. That was the moment when the VIPs were surrounded by cameras at the red carpet. I guess some lucky Hyung Jun's fans were invited for MMFA 2012 as well? Kim Hyung Jun at MMFA 2012 red carpet being interviewed for video coverage Kim Hyung Jun presenting the Most Popular Celebrity Model of the Year awards Most Popular Celebrity Model of the Year - Amber Chia I still remember before Kim Hyung Jun present this awards along with a VIP, his special video was shown on the big screen. Hyung Jun's achievements were  included into the video as well. I believe this means a lot to all the SS501 fans? =) Anyway congratz to Kim Hyung Jun for winning the 'Best Ri