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How I step into the Home of Feel Good ntv7 thru Blogging

Happy 15th Birthday to ntv7!! I love their rainbow layers birthday cake! I don't remember since when I start to watch ntv7, but this is the channel that I've been watching since I was 12 years old I guess.  When I was that young, I will be watching cartoons on TV1, TV2, TV3, or ntv7 (before 8TV was born). If you got watch Thundercat and Power Ranger before, we were born in the same time hahaha.  In-conjunction with ntv7 big 15th anniversary celebration this year, a special music video featuring ntv7 personalities including Naz Rahman, Sasha Bashir, Lisa Wong, Charles Mohan, Chan Wei Wei, Jasmine Abu Bakar, Adrian Tan, Aenie Wong and more, premiered on 15th July recently . ntv7 is embedding this music video with a strong message to its viewers that it will continue to be Malaysia’s preferred and Feel Good channel with quality programme content as its priority. You can watch below: 15 Years Of Feel Good Moments with ntv7 ntv7 15th Years Old Colorful Birthda