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Yeni's Surprise Birthday 2010

Early in April went to Yeni's surprise birthday party. Successfully give her a surprise and we had fun at the birthday party. Actually I only know Yeni, PeiYing and Ivan while all others are new face+friend to me. Thank you to the ppl who "ffk" la. I become some sort the photographer of the day, this explain why I have only 2 photo of myself la. Consider taking picture for her as her real birthday present =) "Who are you? You look handsome" - the curious dog in the house Barbecue is our theme so we need someone to put on the fire right? Thank you to this guy who keep sweating for doing this. Sometimes it is good to be a photographer, wakaka. The moment Yeni asked Ivan, "Why don't you tell me?!" Okay, the fire is hot, time to eat! Not only he put on the fire, he also serve the lady their order too I kinda like this handmade desserts - Banana Spin Roll with Hot Chocolate Top This party is almost 80% all girls Only a few guys attended "I'll

Iron Man 2 Movie (2010)

Iron Man 2 Movie First of all, thanks to LG for give us a chance to watch Iron 2 yesterday. This is considered a very early premiere to me and my friend. The venue is at Garden's GSC, which is my first visit to there. This premiere is a lot different than all premiere that I've been before. All the people around here who waiting to watch the movie are not bloggers. (but I saw kyspeak s with his friend la, not sure if she is his gf =D ) They are more like working parents who bring child along. PS: This is a PG13 movie for your information. There are lots of people at the entrance welcoming us by saying "Please switch off your mobile phone, and enjoy your movie". Where as there is a girl on the speaker with (which I think) rude voice saying "For all LG Guest, please switch off your handphones and all electronic devices when you enter the cinema". A bit annoying when listen to it , maybe she thought she speak too soft ly. The cinema Hall 2 was not open even

Bird on Bukit Jalil's River Trash

Bird on the River Trash , originally uploaded by TC CHeN . This picture was taken during I crossing bridge over the river near Bukit Jalil. That is only small pile of trash I am showing. There are more over the river...Guys, stop throwing trash at the wrong site. Just a short post, I falling a sick because get wet under rain + car aircon. [Definitely not because of the acid rain that was rumored recently]. So gotta eat plain food like porridge starting today. Tomorrow morning will go to be an "object" to be scan using ultrasound. I will able to hear my hear beat again. Preparing blog post for LG blog and hope it can be done latest by today! Heavy rain is coming again so dear all please drive safely. We are not casting video for Tokyo Drift =)

Crocs Warehouse Sale | Ikano Power Centre

Guys! Are you a big fans of CROCS shoes? Today I was with few other sporty bloggers ( Jessica , Feeq , Jeremy Choi , Jonathan Yip , Nigel Tee , ChingYen and Daniel ) visited the CROCS Shop @ Ikano Power Centre to get a sneak peek on what is on sales! Which color and design is your favourite? So here is a sneak peek of what will be available in coming CROCS Warehouse Sale @ Ikano Power Centre, 2nd Floor, Lot S3. Starting from 30th April - 3rd May 2010. Remember this CROCS Warehouse Sale Banner! 30th Apr - 3rd May : Warehouse sales open to public, 10am- 10pm. First 500 digi users who flash their digi mobile at CROCS cashier whilst paying will receive a RM10 CROCS cash voucher. Digi customers who make any transaction at digi booth will received a RM10 Giant hypermarket voucher. Those who bring the RM20 cut-out voucher from newspaper/flyer will be able to redeem it upon purchase of RM200 and above. One of the latest design Wraith and TrailBreak I choose Cayman Winte

Sodagreen Music Concert @ Sungai Wang 苏打绿 夏/狂熱 音樂會

Woots now only I share about Sodagreen's Music Concert @ 苏打绿 夏/狂熱 音樂會 happening at Sungai Wang, Malaysia. Hope I am not too late sharing the photos and video =) Firstly, thanks WenHong for the ticket This guy already testing the music instrument since 3PM when I arrived Sungai Wang Then the Nokia UFO is just beside the stage. They succesfully create a hoax during that time Has been queuing up since 4pm/5pm. The sky was sunny Since nothing to do, I try to spot some good looking passerby, wtf This is Ah Wee a fans of Sodagreen And we make new friends while queuing up You can buy CD on the spot Or write wishes for all Sodagreen member The fans are so good at create this handmade card! Another group photo, this time I am inside =D My hair was still yellow that time At last we are allowed to get into the small space. Then people start looking outside on the bridge Tada, they are coming in that car! My FM Royce found somebody's skarf on the stage The sky starting to rain, than