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Nuffnang Music Bash '09 Happening @ Maison

Basically you have seen few of the pictures from here And yeah I think I wasn't qualified to the "Live Blogging" Contest~ But nevermind, atleast I have fun right? (Self consolation-ing) I would suggest Nuffnang have a "Post-Party Blogging Contest" :) WARNING: This will be another blog post with TONS of photo Early in the evening I have arrived YengYeng's house. I only told her that I will wear green+black shirt with a jean Resulting she has tried many clothes to suit with me but still can't decide which one to wear. Luckily I reach earlier and she gets the idea what to wear instantly. She thought I was wearing mostly-green-with-some-black-stripes-shirt and keep searching for the green clothes :X Sorry for that ;p On the way going to Maison I accidentally took the wrong road and eventually had a "sight-seeing journey" of KLIA/Putrajaya Express Highway This has eaten up a lot of my time as we can only U-Turn at the