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Top 30 Photos @ 第四届《MY Astro 至尊流行榜颁奖典礼》 [4th MY Astro Music Awards 2013]

Since I still can't access my Facebook account AND page, sorry that I gotta need to delay the publication of your favourite artists' photo album. Anyway, here's my top 30 favourite photos taken during 第四届《MY Astro 至尊流行榜颁奖典礼》 [4th MY Astro Music Awards 2013] Royce and Bernard looks more hyped up than Jack and WaiFun that night They are the emcees of the night! Love the stage design especially the lighting =) Designed by 李凊仪(Kiky Lee Ching Yee)who just won the 2012 - 13 Italy Stage Design “A’Design Award”   Bernard Hiew who run all over the big stage   AK + Thomas and Jack performed together Oppa Gangnam Style AK + Thomas and Jack + Fireworks Geraldine颜慧萍 & 赵洁莹     马嘉轩   倪安东《一觉醒来》 Respect dancer dancing along the music. Usually people don't notice them AK's gay-relationship aka gossips gimmick? 何志健 dancing not bad but I couldn't hear what he sang that night. Mic oh m

4th MY Astro Music Awards Winner List | 第四届《MY Astro 至尊流行榜颁奖典礼》得奖名单 #MAMA2013

第四届MY Astro至尊流行榜颁奖典礼 #MAMA2013 第四届《MY Astro 至尊流行榜颁奖典礼》得奖名单 MY Astro至尊男歌手(海外)- 陈奕迅 MY Astro至尊女歌手(海外)- 范玮琪 MY Astro至尊男歌手(大马)- 林健辉 MY Astro至尊女歌手(大马)- 梁静茹 MY Astro 至尊年度歌曲大奖 - 曲婉婷《我的歌声里》 MY Astro全台主持联颁至尊男歌手 - 潘玮柏 MY Astro全台主持联颁至尊女歌手 - 陈嘉桦 MY Astro至尊年度进榜最久冠军歌曲 - 郁可唯《失恋事小》 MY Astro至尊电影歌曲(海外)- 陈嘉桦《坏女孩》 - 女孩坏坏 MY Astro至尊电影歌曲 (大马)- 宇田《带我走》- 纸月亮 MY Astro 至尊年度专业表现大奖(海外)- AK MY Astro 至尊年度专业表现大奖(大马)- 陈威全 MY Astro至尊年度推荐歌手大奖(海外)- 潘裕文 MY Astro至尊年度推荐歌手大奖(大马)- 钟瑾桦 MY Astro至尊专辑 - 林宥嘉《大小说家》 MY Astro至尊迷你专辑 - Ella陈嘉桦《我就是...》 MY Astro至尊新人 – Fuying & Sam、陈珂冰、赵洁莹&颜慧萍 MY Astro至尊演绎歌手(海外 - 男)- 陈奕迅 MY Astro至尊演绎歌手(海外 - 女)- 郁可唯 MY Astro至尊演绎歌手(大马 - 男)- 林健辉 MY Astro至尊演绎歌手(大马 - 女)- 马嘉轩 MY Astro至尊创作男歌手(海外)- 蔡旻佑 MY Astro至尊创作女歌手(海外)- 曲婉婷 MY Astro至尊创作男歌手(大马)- 陈威全 MY Astro至尊创作女歌手(大马)- 宇田 MY Astro至尊MV - 倪安东《一觉醒来》 MY Astro至尊舞台表现大奖(海外)- 潘玮柏 MY Astro至尊舞台表现大奖(大马)- 何志健 MY Astro 至尊组合(海外)- S.H.E MY Astro 至尊组合(大马)- 东于哲 MY Astro至尊大跃进男歌手(海外)- 潘裕文 MY Astro至尊大跃进女歌手(海外)- 黄美珍 MY Astro至尊大跃进