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Posed vs Candid Photography - Which is better?? Here's some tips for you

Posed and Candid Photography - Which is better?? ft Carmen Hong, Anna Bella Wong and Eunice Yuen The other day I saw a friend of mine asked this on Facebook - "A posed moment versus a candid moment, which is better??" It had me thinking for a while and both posed and candid photos has their own good (and bad) side. I myself prefer those candid moments as those are the shots that happened in merely second and you won't able to get that in pose shot. The emotion and face expression shown in posed shot are just different than candid photos. However, there are always ways to help you achieve and get more candid shots from the posed shot. Below are mixture of group photos taken during our photography hangout at Tokyo Pastry the other day. You may wanna check my previous post for individual photos first. I will share with you some tips on getting posed and candid photos.

[Photo] It's All About Anna Bella Wong Tonight

Anna Bella Wong - This morning I posted a photo of Anna and stated that more photos of my blog. Didn't know that friends will say "kena con" because not much photos of their dearest Anna Bella Wong hahaha. So to 'compensate' your disappointment I present you all photos of just Anna Bella Wong in this particular post. Thanks to Eric and Sidney, I got idea on how to separate the photos to several post la Hope you guys will like the photos kay?! Visit her blog because she blog about food and most importantly she is a coffee lover. Not sure if she have OCD - Obsessive Coffee Disorder hahaha!!

Photography Hangout @ Tokyo Pastry, Kota Damansara

Tokyo Pastry @ Kota Damansara After knowing both Robin Wong and Jackie Loi for long time, we have finally come out together for another photography outing (since Sekinchan travel photoshoot). Other friends who came along including Anna, Carmen, Calvin and Eunice. This time we choose to practice indoor photography with remote flash hence we decided to visit the Tokyo Pastry which located in Kota Damansara . The place is kinda small but they have nice ambience and the kitchen always make sure they serve their food in very presentable look. Below are some photos taken while we waiting for our food and mostly are candid shot unless stated otherwise. Dont you think candid photos look more natural and pleasing at the same time? Check out the photos below~