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Watch all 51 UEFA EURO 2016 matches in HD with Astro #AstroEURO2016

Astro Sports Pack subscribers get to watch all 51  UEFA EURO 2016  matches LIVE in HD! Long story short, here's a good news to share with all football fans out there especially if you are anticipating for the upcoming UEFA EURO 2016!! Now with Astro, you get the most comprehensive coverage of UEFA EURO 2016 on TV, online, mobile and radio. All 51 matches of UEFA EURO 2016 will be LIVE in HD on Astro TV and Astro on the Go via two dedicated Astro SuperSport channels (HD: Channel 841 and 842 and SD: Channel 821 and 822). Fernando Morientes at Sunway Pyramid for Astro UEFA EURO 2016 Kick Off and Meet and Greet During the UEFA EURO 2016 Kick Off event at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, not only did I get to catch up with media friends, I also got to meet Fernando Morientes as he was here for a fans meet and greet session with the awesome crowd.

A cool solution for going online with multiple gadgets and tips on how to win FREE tablets!

Here are some of the gadgets that I have but all need internet to become helpful Since I got my first smartphone, I've start using data plan on it as I need mobile internet for email, Facebook, Twitter and of course Instagram!! I try to post at least once on Instagram/day. But sometimes it is not enough as now I have tablets and other gadgets that need WiFi to function well. [You do know that smartphone is not smart any more if they can't connect to the internet right?] What's more when you have so many gadget to use at the same time!! #justkidding I don't use all of it at the same time, maybe just 2-3 at one time.? Haha!! *one for work, one for game on tablet and one for cousin to play another game!!* Free WiFi at cafe like Starbucks sometimes doesn't work well I am not sure about you guys but I find it frustrated to find 'Free' WiFi from the cafe/restaurant I visit. Sometimes their WiFi has become wonky and I can't surf the internet even i