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Top 10 Sex Revelations in 2010

I guess this is my first time blogging about sex related topic. Saw this article when I register for a new Hotmail account. Understand that Christmas and New Year 2011 are coming, so the "activities" will increase tremendously and I decided to share this article. Sex - it is something that pretty much everyone is interested in reading about whether it be tips on how to make your sex life better and pleasing your other half, to educate, or interesting results that have come from researchers after studies, surveys, research and experiments. In light of that, MSN Malaysia are pleased to present you with their top ten sex revelations for 2010 and some interesting things they have found out about sex this year. # 10 The Kotex BodyLife IQ survey found that out of South East Asia, Malaysian women are the most ill-informed on sex related matters and ignorant on basic facts about womanhood . The survey was carried out on 1, 8000 women between 16 and 24 years in Singapore, Philipp