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Christmas Deco @ MidValley Megamall & Garden 2011

Christmas Decoration @ Mid Valley Megamall 2011 Chinese New Year coming soon but I am gonna share about Christmas Decoration @ Mid Valley Megamall 2011 and some cute stuffs found in shops at Gardens Mall. Read my post of Christmas Decoration @ Midvalley Gardens Mall 2011 before you proceed with the pictures below =) Don't get lost in the Christmas maze @ Mid Valley Megamall This year there is a maze at the Center Court of Mid Valley Megamall. All flowers are fake but they look so real and beautiful =) This time I pay more attention to the details of the deco and tried to spot happy people around the maze. Flowers and leaves that look so real The  spotlights that make the flower shines and happy baby with  parents Friendship Forever Old lion deco with torn side Snowman with short hands but huge abdomen Are you that fat too? It's time to slim down before CNY~ ;p My personal favourite: "Don't worry buddy, someone E-Commerce Fair 2011 @ Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

Image organized the first and the largest E-Commerce Fair in Malaysia @ Mid Valley Exhibition Centre last few weekends. Well, I went to check out what are the new stuff they are selling and I do figured out some new stuffs that are interesting~! Lelong.My E-Commerce Fair (ECFair) 12 – 14th August 2011 11am – 9pm Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC) – Hall 1 & 2 Arrived at the right time where the launching and press conference of E-Commerce Fair just begin. Richard Tan, managing Director of & "With an Internet population of 16.9 million, Malaysia is still in the early stages of e-commerce. This presents a huge and growing opportunity for those who take the step to be involved. We hope this 3-day event, will provide a platform for online entrepreneurs to promote their websites and market their products normally sold online. It also gives an opportunity for the Lelong community of sellers and buyers to meet each oth

Christmas Decoration @ Mid Valley Megamall & Gardens 2010

Finished watch The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Thanks to ChurpChurp for the tickets . If you guys have Twitter remember to sign up for Churp Churp, not only you can earn money by just tweeting, you can also have free movie screening ! And thanks Jackie Loi , CopyKate who collect the tickets for me =D Christmas Decoration @ Mid Valley Megamall Centre Court 2010 Christmas Decoration at Mid Valley Gardens 2010 Blue Reindeer Christmas Decoration by elianto. Spotted people stuffing the teddy bear, big one. This year 2010 Christmas Theme would be focus on HUGE Teddy Bears I guess? =) So huge and soft till RedButtockz (Wern) wanna hug it =D Saw the picture I show earlier? The brown bear is going to be complete soon. And yeah there will have lots more teddy bears~! Wonder will there be any CareBear? There is a reason why this bear has a name call Rilakkuma . The bird's name could be Kuma? ;p "Kuma" means bear in Japanese =) You can subscribe to Ti

Biggest Crocs Concept Store @ Midvalley Megamall

CROCS CONCEPT STORE MIDVALLEY REOPENING @ Lot G-013A, Ground Floor, Midvalley Megamall The biggest Crocs concept store in Malaysia is here at Midvalley Megamall, Ground Floor – Lot G-013A. Kinderdijk Sdn Bhd - Authorized distributors for Crocs in Malaysia are proud to reopen their Midvalley concept store doors with the retail space of 1,700 sq ft which makes it probably also the biggest Crocs store in Malaysia. Due to the overwhelming success of this particular outlet since its initial opening in 2007, Kinderdijk Sdn Bhd strives to serve its customers better by expanding the outlet size to almost twice its initial retail space to give a satisfying shopping experience and overall comfort to its customers, which usually comprise of families. There are three new models available in the store now: 1) Crocband Flat with elastic space for the toes 2) Crocband Genna G with simpler design compared with Crocband Flat. Notice the band is Pink color instead of black too. 3) Crocband Sneaker