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New Project After Sold Hyundai iTouch

Yay! Yesterday manage to sell out iPod Touch from "Which Hyundai R U?" Contest ! I have written a blog post specially for this Hyundai contest too! >> Click Here << Since the price of iTouch had dropped from RM949 to RM 779 recently Qatrun manage to buy it at RM680 Furthermore this is my first time selling out prizes that I got from contest. A special photo for my buyer =) Qatrun and Zahir *Saw the curiosity of the people standing behind? XD* Thanks Qatrun =) Now I got the funds to treat my team member who participate in the Hyundai contest together. [Especially Nicole + ZJ , Ange and her sis] And the money to change my car tyres, bumper and broken back lights. I got one question, how much do you need to change the tyres? I've surveyed "GoodYear" and it cost RM120/ea There are still much more stuff for me to repair and renew...Yikes! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So...Here comes my another Contest Project The chance to win this game is by gett

Which Hyundai R U? Gotta Get Getz!

July 2009 is a busy month for me as works and most contests were fallen on this month! DiGi Speak Out , Lurve Affair , Nescafe Chill Lah Plex and this "Which Hyundai R U?" contest! "SNAP, VOTE & WIN" The best thing is [No purchase required] to participate this contest. All we need to do is snap a creative photo of ourselves with a Hyundai Car. This contest looks easy at first. All we need to do is borrow a Hyundai vehicle from friends and snap together. However I cannot find any Hyundai around my neighborhood and almost give up for the contest. Until one day the KFC Gang meet up for the prize giving ceremony and that's how we found a Hyundai! Thanks to Ange's sister for letting us snapping using her car :) Hyundai having this contest for us to win a Trip to Europe that worth RM 38,000 !!*sounds not great enough?* Thanks to Hyundai, 10 lucky voters that voted for the winning photo will win themselves an Apple iPod Touch which worth RM 1,000++! This