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Celebs Who Run @ntv7 Feel Good Run 2012 Revealed

Deemed as the nation’s most prestigious celebrity running event, Feel Good Run 2012 is proud to host over 80 celebrities this year who will be running alongside the public on Sunday, 8 July at Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama.

Amongst the country’s beloved entertainment and media personalities who will be putting on their best running shoes and sweating their way through ntv7’s Feel Good Run, held in-conjunction with the station’s 14th anniversary are – Ning Baizura, Elaine Daly, Daphne Iking, Vanessa Chong, Yasmin Hani, Vanidah Imran, Naz Rahman, Aidid Marcello, Debbie Goh, William San, and Jasmine Abu Bakar.

Complete list of celebs running for Feel Good Run 2012 as below:
AcisAdam ZainAdiAdrian JalaludinAdrian TanAenie WongAfiq ZainalAidid MarcelloAini NadiaAlvin WongAngeline OoiAtiliaBkay NairCandy IceChad Hot FMCheng Koon SiChrystina NgCoby ChongDaphne IkingDebbie GohDeen Hot FMDennis GanElaine DalyErnestFrederick LeeGoh Wee PingHafidzHafiz HatimHaniHelmi MajidIntan LadyanaIxora ChernJack…

When Sugarglider Meet Samsung GALAXY S3

"Pit pit!" That's the sound that a sugarglider would emit (not that sound? at least I tried to describe haha) I've been reviewing Samsung GALAXY S3 smartphone and I really like its camera. The 'Auto Contrast' feature has allow me to take low-light photos and if you got chance you should try it too! Best thing to have for Instagram too (Follow me on TianChad) haha

Let's see how was the video recording quality indoor especially Tap-and-Focus:
When Sugarglider meet Samsung GALAXY SIII
Well, the focusing is quite accurate and clear when I just tap on the screen it quickly focus on the other side without emitting technical sound.(This happen to some camera) I've recorded quite a few different kind of videos such as Christina Perri's concert, underwater video while snorkeling at Pulau Kapas (really interesting experience) and I will share it later! 
Now you can take quick and nice close up photos with S3 too =)

 Introducing you 'Fluffy'! that&#…

"Pledge to Live Green Now, Save the Sea Turtles!" - @wwfmy

Do you like nature? I do! My earlier trip to Pulau Kapas, Terengganu was awesome especially when I was able to see healthy corals together with fishes swimming in the sea. We went to different snorkeling spots and tried our luck to find at least one turtle! I saw a lot of sea urchins, big clams and fishes, but I wasn't able to spot any sea turtle...

Therefore, together with my friends, we did an extraordinary mission, which is to kayak all the way from the Kapas Turtle Valley Beach Resort (bottom of Pulau Kapas) to the Gemia Island (top part of Pulau Kapas) just to check out their little turtle sanctuary.
There's a pond that contain new born and adult sea turtles at the pond in Gemia Island. So far I guess that's the easiest place for you to spot living sea turtles when you travel to Pulau Kapas.

In the seas, marine turtles play a key role in maintaining healthy coral reefs and seagrass beds. Scientists believe that hawksbill turtles may maintain the health of coral reef…

Esther Koh(estherKKQ) - Malaysia Talented Youtuber/Singer

I really like to watch YouTube (compared to traditional TV) especially when I able to find something that I like to watch and listen to. Since it is a relaxing Sunday I hereby introduce you one of our Malaysia talented Youtuber and Singer Esther Koh (estherKKQ)! A 14 years old girl born in Malaysia.

Thanks to Facebook social feed I saw her first music cover video - "Because of You - Kelly Clarkson"

Because of You - Kelly Clarkson covered by Esther Koh
Well, I personally think that she is a talented girl with good voice besides her sweet looks. If I am a talent manager I would have sign her up! Haha. Just recently she did a cover of "Kau Ilhamku".

Kau Ilhamku.ManBai-Cover By Esther.K
Good to know she can play music instrument like guitars too as that will surely add value to a person's capability. Check out her videos on Youtube now at estherKKQ! This is how youngster nowadays do to increase self-exposure to the whole world. All thanks to YouTube =)

If you think tha…

Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012: How To Be a Famous Blogger?

Thinking to “Boost Your Traffic”? Or are you looking to “Enhance Your Content”? How about tips to “Expand Readership”? So many questions finally answered. You will finally find out how to multiply your earnings, improve your blog design and finally get your brand out there!!

You’ve seen the tweets! You’ve read the blog post! You’ve shared it on Facebook! It’s time for you to take your blogging to a whole new level with Nuffnang Malaysia’s first ever blogger conference.
The wait is finally over. Nuffnang Malaysia’s First Ever Blogopolis is finally here!! With so many power bloggers and awesome high profile writers speaking at Blogopolis 2012, from XiaxueandRevelinme toKenny Sia, Sixth Seal, Peliks aka Maria Elena, KY Speaks, and a whole load of other awesome speakers, you would not want to miss out on this once in a lifetime chance to meet and learn from the best of the best in the blogging industry.

Details are as follow:
Date: 14 July 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 8.00am – 5.00pm

Project Black Inspiration Launch @ Zouk Club [Photo Story]

The ground-breaking Project Black Inspiration delivered the world's first crowd-sourced Limited Edition Johnnie Walker Black Label based on creative input from over 100,000 Facebook fans across Malaysia and Singapore, in collaboration with international designer Mark Ong a.k.a. SBTG.

To celebrate this pioneering achievement and the progressive "Keep Walking" spirit, the launch event was held on 19th May 2012 at Zouk Club. (Yes, now only I have time to share what I've captured) Courtesy of Johnnie Walker and Nuffnang, I was invited to the inspirational launch to check out JW newly designed and limited Black Label.

This was a collaboration and a co-creation from Malaysia and Singapore's Johnnie Walker Facebook fans - Now presenting to you, the personalised new Limited Edition Johnnie Walker Black Label. Only 19,200 bottles available in Malaysia, in participating clubs near you while stocks last.

Enjoy the photos! Hope you like them! I mean...FB like! ;p

Why Adobe Flash , YouTube Not Working on Firefox [Solution @ 22 June]

YouTube not working on Firefox? Can't upload picture to Facebook with Firefox? Did you guys face the same problem as I did? After installed and upgraded to the latest Adobe Flash Player you are not able to watch YouTube video and upload multiple photos on Facebook. Everytime it shows error occur and you need to download flash player?

All thanks to the new version of Adobe Flash Player where they made a new update which IS NOT COMPATIBLE with certain website. After google and some reading I finally found a solution for this problem, which is to uninstall the latest version and install your previous working version of Adobe Flash Player. [Make sure your Internet Security/Antivirus is functioning as Adobe always update their security "loophole" into their a new Flash Player]

"Uninstall Flash player. Restart your PC (Optional). Then, download and install it (You…

Life's Good With LG Cinema 3D Smart TV! Imagine SNSD in 3D!

How smart is your 3D TV? Mine one is not even a 3D TV! Hahaha! *pathetic laugh* Courtesy of LG and Nuffnang, I was able to experience the immersive and even more real 3D effects with their brand new LG Cinema 3D Smart TV. This journey-to-the-center-of-3D party was held at GSC Signature, Gardens @ Lounge area and it is the right place to display all the 3D technology here.


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