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G - Dragon held his G - DRAGON 2013 1 st WORLD TOUR: ONE OF A KIND IN MALAYSIA concert over the weekend on 22 June 2013 and it was an amazing night of heart-pumping, adrenaline-charged performances by GD and his special guest Taeyang . Held under a moon-lit night with visually stunning pyrotechnics and sets, the concert was a blast and GD and Taeyang worked the crowd into a frenzy every time they came on stage. I wasn't there as I was in Ipoh to attend friend's wedding. Heard from friends who attended his concert said that and it was awesome!! Anyway here's some official photos from RITS, enjoy~ G-Dragon came out from a cool vehicle How early were you there to queue for the best seat? 1:99 are female fans ha? =) Happy fans @ G-Dragon Malaysia Concert Tour One of a Kind merchandise Swag GD Dancer "burst" out "You know what I'm saying?" "Hello Malaysia!!" GD Dance GD Strip

[HD] 에프엑스 f(x) - Electric Shock Live @ #GDA2013Golden Disk Award Song Division

Golden Disk Award Song Division: f(x) (Electric Shock) Finished a wedding shooting today early in the morning and since today is a relaxing Saturday, I shall just share 에프엑스 f(x) 's Electric Shock where they performed live at The 27th golden Disk Awards. Congrats them for the winning of Golden Disk Award Song Division and please enjoy the video below!   [HD] f(x) - Electric Shock Live @ #GDA2013 *click here to watch in HD* f(x) saying thank you and good bye to all their fans in Malaysia GDA2013 Amber seems the one who stand out in the group. Who do you think can sing better and who do you like the most? =) There are more videos that will be posted up to my YouTube / Facebook page ya. Stay tuned and have a great weekend! Thanks for reading! Press the "Like" button and share with your friend kay? You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 , be a fans on TianChad @ 永遇乐 and follow @TianChad on Twitter for future blog post update =)

27th Golden Disk Awards Day 2 Performance Videos [HD] #GDA2013

Samsung GALAXY 27th Golden Disk Awards Day 2 - G-Dragon at Press Conference Heyo guys, I believe if you are here for #GDA2013 you are most probably at the right place! I will share videos taken during The 27th Golden Disk Awards 2013 @ Sepang F1 Circuit here. I'll start with the performance videos first as I like music and they have the talented official photographers to take nice photos for us to share with you all favourite K-Pop fans! It was hard for me to record these videos as we had a 10 minutes rotation rules while doing media coverage.  Therefore some of the videos were recorded till half-way only as they stopped us =(. Hope you all enjoy these videos before YouTube/the artist managers decided to take them down *I am risking my YouTube account just for you guys! Hope it won't get banned as no copyright infringement intended * All right I shall let the video speaks now and hope you are amazed! I've been keeping my mouth shut and tried  to be as stable as


Miss A @  SAMSUNG GALAXY THE 27TH GOLDEN DISK AWARDS [DAY 2] #GDA2013 Hola guys just back from Samsung GALAXY The 27th Golden Disk Awards and it was another awesome day for me! This  time I snap more videos than photos as they have professional official photographer to do the job haha. Miss A never fail to impress me =) CeCi Popularity Award:  G-Dragon  G-Dragon swag with 3 songs including Crayon+++ [HD] 130116 G-Dragon Crayon + HeartBreaker @ 27th Golden Disk Awards #GDA2013  Check out the winners of SAMSUNG GALAXY THE 27TH GOLDEN DISK AWARDS [DAY 2]  #GDA2013 SAMSUNG GALAXY THE 27TH GOLDEN DISK AWARDS [DAY 2] WINNER LIST #GDA2013 Day 2 Winners of The 27th Golden Disk Awards 2013 Song of the Year:  PSY (GangNam Style)  Golden Disk Award Song Division: T-ara (Lovey Dovey)/miss A (Touch)/Sistar (Alone)/2NE1 (I Love You) /Heo-Gak/f(x) (Electric Shock)/BIGBANG (Fantastic Baby) /K.will (I Need You)/Secret (Poison) /'G-Dragon (Crayon)/PSY (Gang

My Favourite BigBang Style - TaeYang Six Pack Abs

Yo yo yo! I guess every BigBang's fans has been acknowledged about their upcoming BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR 2012 @ Malaysia Stadium Merdeka [27 Oct] right? So who hasn't got their ticket?!  Let see what has change from time to time. Obviously, they are getting even more famous nowadays with their music talents.  This is how BigBang looks like in few years back: All looks like teenager don't they? =) That time hair was still black  Check out their MV recorded in year 2009 - Last Farewell Now BigBang, like Samsung, have evolved over the years – they’ve pushed the boundaries of style and design. You can see the difference if compare their looks from year 2009 with current looks. The most obvious one is none other than their hair colors. It can be red, blue, green purple ....+++ Anyhow here's my favourite BigBang Fashion Style : Plain color shirts with some striking red   Simple black and white design with stripes and checkered shirt