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Soyanggang Skywalk At Night 소양강 스카이워크 | Things To Do In Chuncheon

This is my first time to explore Chuncheon in Korea, and I am going to share with you the first attraction in Chuncheon that you should pay a visit - Soyanggang Skywalk.
Soyanggang Skywalk, which located in Chuncheon is an observatory attraction spot on Uiamho Lake. The bridge will stretch out all the way for a total distance of 174 meters to the lake, and the glass floor beneath is actually transparent! This makes Soyanggang Skywalk the longest glass structure ever built in the country.
Scroll down and have a look on Soyanggang Skywalk at night. I love it colorful and enjoying a cup of coffee under the cold weather is actually pretty relaxing.


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16th Japanese Film Festival 2019 Film List @ GSC Malaysia

The annual Japanese Film Festival (JFF) turns “16” this year and is set to light up selected Golden Screen Cinemas nationwide, boasting a broad collection of current and acclaimed titles across a variety of genres ranging from family to music and comedy. The selection of 13 movies will capture hearts and minds of audiences from all ages and giving the opportunity for everyone to enjoy the latest and finest Japanese movies on the big screen.
The month-long celebration will be kicking off with the South East Asian premiere of “Little Nights, Little Love” directed by IMAIZUMI Rikiya on JFF KL Opening night on 3 September 2019. (official Japan release date 20 September 2019)

《当时明月在 BACK TO YOU》 一部会令你感动的大马故事 | 首映礼红地毯众星绚丽登场

《当时明月在 BACK TO YOU》- 『原创强档』国庆日特备电视电影. 八度空间:2019年8月31日,星期六,晚上8时30分
八度空间将于2019年8月31日(星期六),晚上8时30分,播出由Jasmine Suraya Chin陈香郿Remon林奕廷Ernest张顺源Azizah MahzanCharlie Numan SallehYuna Rahim等人主演的『原创强档』国庆日特备电视电影——《当时明月在 Back To You

鬼仔巷 KWAI CHAI HONG AT NIGHT | Moonlight In The City 城里的月光 #TCTravel

【#KL全新打卡点🤳】 白天的 #鬼仔巷 👻你见过了,但中秋夜晚的鬼仔巷你见过了吗? 还没?! 那现在可别错过啦! 中秋节特备都把明月给请出来了~🌕💁‍♀️🐇 切记 #满月球 只出现到9月15号而已哦。PS: 8月24号星期六晚上才开放给大众 . . 趁着中秋节的到来而在鬼仔巷举办“ #城里的月光”(Moonlight in the City)活动,与民众共庆佳节,欢喜聚首。鬼仔巷与茨厂街平行,入口处位于戏院街。在为期一个月的活动中,民众可以参加各种独特好玩的活动,深入了解中秋节的历史、文化和传统。 精选活动和工作坊将于8月24日至9月15日举行。欲知最新活动及报名,欢迎浏览 @kwaichaihong 脸书专页 . . 感谢鬼仔巷的邀请啦! 昨晚拍得蛮好玩! 记得 这特别的 #中秋鬼仔巷 只到9月15号而已哦。带你家人朋友去吧~ 祝大家中秋节快乐了👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👴👵 . .
You might have seen the day time Kwai Chai Hong, but now we have the night time KwaiChai Hong with #FullMoon appearance! Starting this Saturday, the #FullMoonBall will be there until 15 Sep. This brand new instaworthy corner with #MoonCakeFestival theme in KL is available for limited time only!  . . Tip: Best time to photograph the moon is from 7PM-7.30PM as the sky turn dark and yet the sky has mild blue tint color a.k.a. Blue Hour.
To celebrate the festive and joyful occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival with its ‘Moonlight in the City’, #kwaichaihong is having this special art installa…

【WHEN IN HONG KONG】 - 街拍来到 中環碼頭 香港摩天輪 #DiscoverHongKong

Let's throwback to June for a while, the other day me and Baki had a journey to Hong Kong and we were exploring places and scouting for some photogenic location. The first night we went to Central Ferry Pier (中環碼頭 ) looking at the The Hong Kong Observation Wheel 香港摩天輪. Here's some photos that I would like to share with you tonight. We did some street photography capturing the moment I saw when in Hong Kong. Hope you enjoy!!

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八度空间《启航》第七季 与《拼凑・记忆》8月11日起 每逢星期日 晚上8时30分 开播 - Desmond郑瑞钥 Wind李诗斌 Ley Teng陈丽亭

那天在Mano Thinking Magazine Library举办的小型媒体分享会有Desmond郑瑞钥,Wind李诗斌Ley Teng陈丽亭 (没看到Cheryl李欣怡)分享他们拍摄节目的趣事。当天我则专注在拍摄他们媒体访问期间的“记忆”。喜欢照片的就继续往下滑吧~访问影片要多一点时间上传啊。
简单来说,八度空间《启航》第七季  与《拼凑・记忆》  新一季 将由8月11日起,每逢星期日,晚上8时30分播出

K-Performance Show 2019 - JUMP, The Painters, Sachoom, VIXX Leo & T-bird in Malaysia

Today we had a sneak peek to the K-Performance Show 2019 at KLCC Plenary Hall. I really enjoyed the non-verbal performances by JUMP, The Painters & Sachoom, and 2 Kpop artists: VIXX Leo & T-bird for FREE! (VIXX Leo and T-bird will perform during the weekend) Thanks KTO Malaysia for organizing this event!
So below are some photos taken during the K-Performance Show 2019 in Malaysia.  My personal favourite are the dancers from Sachoom and the talented painters from 'The Painters' all the way from Korea! Hope you'll enjoy the photos and see you guys tomorrow!  #KTOMalaysia #koreanPerformance #KPerformanceShow2019

Let's Dance Crazy with Sachoom Season 2 爱舞动2 音乐剧 | K- Performance Show 2019 @ KLCC in Malaysia


Let's throwback to the evening in March 2019 where I shoot for BRANDLAUREATE SMES BESTBRANDS AWARDS 2018-2019 courtesy of BIG PHARMACY's winning the "BestBrands in Healthcare – Pharmacy category". That's where I meet Nicol David and Chris Leong for the first time. In overall, it is an eye opening event of how grand an awards event can be, especially BrandLaureate Awards. Thanks for letting us capture the precious moments of you receiving the awards. Congratulation once again to BIG Pharmacy.

Feel free to scroll down to check out the photos. Love the happiness captured during that night =) If you are interested with my photography or blogging services, feel free to contact me. All contact details is on the Contact Page.


Together with Parkson My Town Shopping Centre, 《Million Loves in Me 寵我》 had a shopping contest for audience to win RM1800 worth of shopping vouchers. I was there to capture the behind the scenes of how the participants shop the the exact and closest value and he/she will be the winner.
Based on my experience, it's teamwork that will help you win this kind of contest. There were two participants who come to an agreement and join force to make their shopping value very close to the required amount. I give them a big thumbs up for that because 团结就是力量,赢了再互相分享,互惠互利啊 哈哈
Thanks John 虞日新 and the team for the opportunity to document this event. Ruby狄妃 and 罗老师 罗冠兰 was there too. Photos were captured in 2018 (21st May) but feel free to scroll down and have a look of this shopping challenge photo series.

#宠我 #寵我 #羅冠蘭 #虞日新 #狄妃 #rubydfaye #李伟燊 #得奖电影 #awardswinningmovie #电影 #milliionlovesinme #SPCA

Islamic Art Museum Malaysia Kuala Lumpur - Visit KL Instagrammable Location

During my staycation at ANSA Kuala Lumpur, it was just a 15 minutes Grab ride away to this place. Since we were staying right in the middle of KL City. I've decided to spend more time exploring the surrounding including this beautiful Islamic Art Music Malaysia where it is just right opposite National Mosque of Malaysia. But today, I am going to share only photos that I got from this instagrammable museum in Kuala Lumpur. Trust me, you should go there and check it out for yourself, one of the instaworthy place in Kuala Lumpur. Just scroll down and have a look =) 

GSC Hungary Film Festival 2019 @ Pavilion KL | Hungarian 2019 Film Fiesta 2.0 in Malaysia

Hungarian 2019 Film Fiesta 2.0(Hungarian Film Festival 2019) at GSC Pavilion KL was successfully held on 20th June 2019. As usual, I would like to share some photos taken that evening. Always love the fun people who are ready for some fun portrait. 
Special guests of the evening includes H.E. Attila Kali (Ambassador of Hungary to Malaysia), Mr Lionel Loh (GSC Senior Marketing Manager), YB Datuk Mohamaddin Ketapi (Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture), YB Tuan Muhammad Bakhtiar (Deputy minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture) – backup , Dr Balázs Orbán (Deputy Minister from Prime Minister’s office of Hungary), Mr Mugen Rao (Malaysian music artist/actor)

Feel free to check out some of the photos taken below. Thanks for all the smiles~

Marvel Studios Malaysia Exhibition - What's Inside?? Does It Worth RM58/Entrance? 十年英雄展 大马站 里头到底有什么?值得票价吗? 【田七送礼🎁】

【Marvel Studios 十年英雄展 大马站】

📍Pavilion Elite 10楼

Photos and video taken with #withGalaxy#GalaxyS10

【Review】Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort 3D2N Staycation - Sea Full of Fishes & Perfect Sunset at Sunset Bar

Usually I fly to Sabah for diving trip in Mabul Island, but this time we decided to explore the other part of Sabah - Kota Kinabalu for its beautiful sunset. This time we flew from KL to Sabah with Malaysia Airline and stay at Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa I've heard of the review that one must check out the #SunsetBarTAH hence I was eager to find out. One of the day we went for a picnic session at Mamutik Island. Continue scroll down to read our experience

BOYZONE LIVE IN MALAYSIA 2019 with Brian McFadden - "Thank You and Goodnight Farewell Tour"

Wowstar Creative Entertainment is proud to present Boyzone"Thank you and Goodnight Farewell"Tour with guest artist Brian McFadden this 14th June 2019 at Malawati Stadium, Shah Alam.
Former boy band Westlife member and songwriter Brian McFadden has been announced as special guest performer in Boyzone’s “Thank You and Goodnight Farewell Tour” last show on 14th June 2019 at Malawati Stadium, Shah Alam.



【Review】Azerai Can Tho Resort - Peaceful Islet in Mekong Delta

If you like to stay on a private islet located in the middle of Mekong Delta, yet well equipped with luxurious facilities within the resort that is minimalist in design, Azerai Can Tho can be your preferred stay location. Azerai covers an area of over eight hectares with 60 rooms. The design is inspired by traditional architecture and achieved through a contemporary interpretation. The resort is isolated from the noise of city and surrounded by tall trees that give you extra privacy. If you are early riser, you can catch the sunrise coming up from the Can Tho Bridge every morning. 

If you already know where to stay, here's my travel tips on 15 Things To Do In Can Tho. You will have ideas on what you would like to do and worth to go during a 4D3N trip in Can Tho. Usually tourists visit Can Tho for just a day tour from Ho Chi Minh City, but I can assure you there's so much more to do here in Can Tho, and 4D3N is considered good enough to explore majority of the interesting poin…

BATMAN 80 YEARS - Meet Batman @ Genting Highlands SkyAvenue 🦇真人蝙蝠侠在云顶🦇

BATMAN 80 YEARS - Meet Batman @ Genting Highlands SkyAvenue 🦇蝙蝠侠在云顶🦇
Celebrate 80 years of the world’s most popular Caped Crusader in Southeast Asia’s first ever Batman anniversary event.
From its inception in 1939 to its iconic status in present day pop culture, journey through the decades with the Dark Knight and relive his crime-fighting adventures through movies, live shows, one-of-a-kind exhibitions and many more.
#Batman80RWG #LongLiveTheBat

【🦇蝙蝠侠🦇最近飞到云顶🌈去了 想和他见一面的朋友可别错过啦!】 #蝙蝠侠#云顶高原 #有很多蝙蝠侠的特别收集展览
#蝙蝠侠正版周边产品大促销买三送一 @ Skytropolis

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