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Have You Done This MRI?

First of all Happy Merdeka =)
I have actually wrote a post @ LG Blog and hope you guys can drop by there~

Today, I've got 1 contest to share with you all

Exabyte I Love Malaysia Campaign

By just refer me and put the Html coding on your blog, you will on the run for lucky draw of iPhone 3GS and Western Digital Hard Disk 320GB~!
*It is 3GS !!*

Don't forget to refer me at as
You win I Win =D

Since Maxis throttle down my bandwidth speed again
I will only share this video with you all to have a BIG scared/laugh~!

If it managed to make you laughed/scared, please do not hesitate to leave a comment ya XD

On the other hand, my brand new iPod Touchsomehow caught people attention and got a buyer now
Hope he/she manage to collect the money in 1 week as promised ~

I’m Addicted to Olay Game. Very Indeed!

"Is your skin hungry for fairness??"
You can get both fair skin and a chance to win many great prizes by playing this flash game
OLAY Find Fairness Game

Since I was tagged by StevenBoy and I am interested to win prize
There I go!!

I am now at the City of ParisNotice the lady on the bottom right?
She is the Avatar I created as only female character are available
Big eye small mouth and a short hair. Looks unique enough? =)

There is always a helpful OLAY Lady that will serve you
She help me enjoy and get used to the game very fast =)

When you go to Paris, there are 6 different mission that you need to go through
"Shopping Mall" - Specially for Shopaholic. Need to have good sense of direction on where to go "Restaurant" - Find what are the ingredients to cook a dish and must have eagle eye when playing this game.
"Party House" - For night life lover. In the club it is very colourful with the lighting and drinks and you need to match them well.

Cicada's Shell

"Cicada's Shell"
Photo taken @ Bukit Cahaya

I wish I could exuviate like a cicada so that I can have different job aspect.
Recently feel like I can do more than what I am doing now but there are just too many routes for me to choose
I wonder if I choose Path A will end up with Result B
Or if I chose Path C will I get Result B too?

There is no absolute right choice. But if I don't change I will always remain stagnant without any improvement.
So, why not just do it?
"Exuviate" while you can~!

Just a random thought =)

Murderer 杀人犯 (2009)

Ling (Aaron Kwok) is a self-assured Police Chief Inspector. He solved numerous difficult cases, has a flawless track record, and is nominated for a major promotion. He has a gentle wife, an adorable son and a posh lifestyle. In every sense, he is as enviable as he is successful. His perfect life takes an abrupt turn when, on one of his operations, he faints and wakes up to discover his short-term memory is damaged, and his top colleague mercilessly killed in the same building. Ling's colleague is the third victim of a cold-blooded serial murder. Each time, the victim dies a slow death in unimaginable pain. At the height of his life, Ling encounters this most vicious murderer in Hong Kong's crime history. He must catch the killer at all costs. But as Ling sifts through the clues, he finds that all the evidence point towards himself!

This is the happy face before watch Murderer (2009)
*Amanda in pict*

She was trained to pose whenever she spotted a camera, esp jloi's DSLR ;p


The Dissolving Finger Plant!

A story continue from my affair with my lecturer
After Dr. Adeline and Li Ern left, me and others wandering around Subang parade.
Kah Shin bought a present. James bought a very useful pen and I saw something I really like

!~The Pitcher Plant~!

They have the tube shape pitcher plant

The dark red one
In Coraline(2009) there will be frogs coming out from the plant.

This is another species - Drosera

The red tentacles are actually the "catcher" that trap the bug
The tentacles will role along the prey it get.

Here is a video

And the cute one!
They were just growing in the tiny little cup

They can eat bugs

And when they grow bigger they can do this!

This is the very cute one Venus Flytrap @ RM 8.00 per vase

So, if you are interested go to Subang Parade these day to buy one of the Pitcher Plant from the guy in the picture above!
He will give you discount when you say my name =D

K la I am just kidding ;p

Thanks to Ev Ooi for suggesting the title =)
So guys, please remember the name of this plant

I Don’t Want to Rest in Pieces like Final Destination

Courtesy of Warner Brothers Pictures and Fox Malaysia, Nuffnang are proud to present a Premiere Screening of Final Destination: Rest in Pieces just for Nuffnangers!
If you wish to be among the lucky ones to catch Final Destination 3(?) days before its release, just follow the few simple steps:

1.Take a picture of yourself in a horrified state. Example as below:The cute Firdauz that looked surprised more than horrified! Haha

2.Write a blog post titled ‘I Don’t Want to Rest in Pieces like Final Destination’ and include your horrified picture in it.3.Send an email to with the permalink of your blog post along with your full name.There are 80 pairs of invites for the Premiere Screening of Final Destination: Rest in Pieces up for grabs for the best 80 photos taken in their horrified stateIn addition, 5 best blog posts with the 5 best horrified pictures will win each win a pair of movie passes to watch any Fox released movies till Novermber 2009!Early birds who c…

Meet Up With My Lecturer @ Subang Parade

Its been long time I didn't drop by Subang ParadeThe decoration has already changed to Hari Raya theme

This evening went to Nando's Chicken to meet with my Final Year Project supervisor, Lecturer, and also Academic Adviser - Dr. Adeline Ting

Not yet not yet, show you the Chicken first ;p
I ordered Nando's Peri-fest Meal @ RM21.90
*Haven include 5% Govt tax and 10% Service Charge ya*

Ordered this dish since I wanna try their new drink
Lemoncella Fresca Gourmet Beverage @ Rm 5.30
It is just actually mixture of Coke + Lemon + Peppermint
*But can refill one*

And Yeng Yeng is the model for today Nando's Chicken
Mild Peri Chicken with 2 hot side dish

Long time not playing Macro Shoot, so here is one of it
Simple Hot Chocolate

This morning my hair look like this
But today after had a hair cut at the new barber shop called "Lollipop"
I have changed to...

Left: James, Yeng Yeng, Me, Kah Shin and there she is Dr. Adeline

We talk lot and updated about each other.
And I asked a lot of qu…

[Peak Preview] Clive Magazine 1st Anniversary

Thanks to my body that recovered fast
I manage to go to Clive Magazine 1st Anniversary Party @ Zouk =D So this is the "N"th time I attend a Magazine Anniversary.

After all I can say different magazine have different crowds of people.

My IC was checked again @ Zouk because of my "immature" look
And one of the guy said, "It is actually a compliment you know?"
"I know I know" *smile*

6 of the Clive Magazine Cover Girls
All look gorgeous~!

During the event there is one game involved bananas and Care Condom
Why is that happen to the bananas?

Stay tuned ^@^

Ohya, I can say Care Condom is really generous as I found a box of condoms(12 pcs) from the Clive Goodie Bag!!

I can become condom supplier already! lol


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