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Premium 7aste Monte Carlo @ Ecoba 2010

Still remember the event that I said you just need to register to able to attend ? 7ASTE Monte Carlo event was a successful premium event held at Ecoba with grand decoration and tons of beers for us to share with friends that night. Not forgetting the sparkling wine specially kept for the VIP =) Not to forget the Porsche outside =) Was welcomed by the ladies @ registration counter and this is just one of them. All looks pretty of course =) This is the VIP Rewards that I got - "Casino Chips" to redeem 3 bottles of 7ASTE sparkling wine to share with friends. I wonder why, the 3 bottles finish in just second. Did someone hide and bring it back without me noticing it? Emcee of the night Cassandra Patrick The hot dancers with bodies that girls dreaming of having it. *Shake it & shake it* Then heard some guys said, "We want more boobs!" lol An artistic piece of pict of Dusty Once the violinist Genervie Kam start playing the music She looks as serious as this And Red