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'The Beauty Inside' Social Film - Be the Lead Role Now!

Hot Air Balloon looks pretty from the outside, but it is super hot inside How many of you judge people by look? Well that's what I usually do as knowing the appearance of a person is way easier than knowing their inner soul. As long I have more time to hang out with him/her, I will definitely leave space to know them more of them before judging. Social film is so popular nowadays that it appeared on YouTube, I've stumbled upon a few and some are really nice! What is Social Film? Social Film is Hollywood-class entertainment that uses the interactivity of social media to make the story come to life in different ways.  So today I would like to recommend you guys a social video series where we, audience can grab a chance to be the lead cast, no matter you are male or female! 'The Beauty Inside' , t his social film allows you to submit auditions and actually play the lead character! The Beauty Inside - The Beauty Insi