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Nuffnang's 7th Birthday Bash @ Barbecue Garden, KL Life Centre #Nuffnangis007

Nuffnang celebrated 7th Birthday at Barbecue Garden, KL Life Centre #Nuffnangis007 All right, exactly one month earlier Nuffnang was celebrating their 7th birthday at Barbecue Garden, KL Life Centre  with the theme of 'James Bond stranded at tropical place'. Since it is an open air restaurant, I didn't want to wear coat/long sleeve to the event and wore my usual striking green and sheep shirt to the event.  In stead of driving to the event venue, we called an  Uber Ride to send us to Barbecue Garden, KL Life Centree. Uber Taxi ride is much more premium if compared to MyTeksi because you will be in a cool car like Mercedez Benz. Now check out all the event photos espcially my cool ride to KL =D