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My First Earth Hour @ CapSquare! 8TV Crews Rocks!

The main course " E a r t h H o u r " has arrived!! *Please beware that there are a lot of 'dishes' to be served* *Might cause eye constraint ar...* Here comes the Bag Pipe Performer They are leading us across the Walk of Hope The CHARM Cheerleader was performing on the stage The guy can spread his leg super duper wide! Performance of CHARM was recorded by "Running with Passion" The 8 finalist of One in a Million '09 (OIM) I only recognize Tomok Everybody is at the Start Line :) One of the Bag Pipe performer The sky is still bright, KL Tower switched on its light Everybody was prepared at the starting line and I met someone who I want to meet ^@^~ Belinda Chee , again XD This is my third time saw her in person~ Prem Bongster Shanker was beside her I am happy that she recognized me! Gary Yap & Natalie Xiao Yu was cam-whoring~ A camera girl that holding the video cam way up high Saw the funny and happy face? :D My third photo with Belinda Ch

I am now a judge for "No Vulgar Challenge"

Eventually I become the judge of a challenge between Nicole and Marccus What challenge? The date for Nicole and Marccus to start the challenge is 1st April 2009 - 30 April 2009 . Who ever want to join is welcome! Here's the Terms and Conditions for the Challenge *Warning: Reading under parent's guidance is required for kids ages 12 and below* ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~ No Vulgar Challenge To start the challenge, challenger must be a human and 1 years older and above Challenger can be Male and/or Female. No entry fee necessary. By entering the Challenge, challenger must not process the following Vulgar word in any form such as writing, speaking, signaling, whispering, eye-messaging: Kan Le Ma/ Kan Pu Ki Ma/ Puki Ma/ Puki/ Lan Chiao/ Lan Ciao/ Lan/ Kiong Kan Chao Chi Bai/ Cao Ci Bai/ Chao Ci Bai/ Cao Chi Bai/ Chao hai/ Cao hai Chao Bi/ Cao Bi/ Chao B/ Cao B Ma Chao Hai/ Ma Cao Hai Ma Hai Diu/ Tiu Jiak Sai Lu Sai Sai

Earth Hour & KL Design Week (KLDW) @ CapSquare

Here come my first part of Earth Hour "report" :) The ticket for Earth Hour Walk of Hope @ CapSquare RM 10.00 that was for donation and we are able to get one 60 Earth Hour T-Shirt (While Stock Last) This is the G B Crew ( Green black ) YengYeng, LiErn and her two friend (Mandy? and ???) Forgot oledi XD After took LRT from Tasik Selatan to Bandarraya We walk a distance to reach CapSquare Notice the "BIG Bird's Egg" on the ground? They are actually seats for us. An artistic place right? Since we are a bit "late" Which is only 5PM something The 60 Earth hour T-Shirt has already out-of-stock!! >.< What we get was actually the Night Glowing Earth Hour Bracelet We need to take action without just a hope. That's why a "Walk of Hope" was here!! 3R - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle The SHARK Brocher man *Thanks for pose for me :)* WWF was actually selling some Collar Pins, T-Shirts of "Save the Turtle" and T-Shirt with "