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AURUM THEATRE @ MID VALLEY SOUTHKEY, JOHOR BAHRU  AURUM THEATRE,  heard of it yet? It is the new experience that you can try if you love luxurious feel by doing more than just watching a movie. I would recommend you this, if you want to pamper yourself with the love one. It's something like 'Dinner In The Sky' but in a cinema hall with very comfortable recliner instead, plus some fine-dine food and drinks without hanging in the sky. Come on and have a look what I saw at the Aurum Theatre in Mid Valley Southkey, Johor Bahru . Watch the video below for a quick tour of the Getha Lux Suite movie hall and something that worth a shout out at the Aurum Theatre, especially the Getha recliner with wireless charging and port for your gadget. How much is it to watch a movie in Aurum Theatre?  Watching movie at Aurum Theatre and enjoy a meal or cocktail at Jin Gastrobar will cost you RM120 - RM150 for an Aurum Pass . You'll get to choose a fine-dining selection or