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[GIVEAWAY]《夺命游戏2》THE GAME 2 首映

《夺命游戏2》首映与记者会 [GIVEAWAY] 想要和我一起找出“夺命”凶手吗?如果您也想去看明天《夺命游戏2》首映与记者会,请马上 FB分享此贴 ,同时留言: 我想与 Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 去看《夺命游戏2》首映因为_______(不超过15个字) 日期:2013年8月16日(星期五) 时间/地点:3.30pm(Hall 3,GSC Pavilion KL) 我将会选一位幸运Fans与我一起去《夺命游戏2》的首映!!赶快咯!!您也有机会见到可爱又帅气的演员啦~ 截止日期: 16 Aug 2013 (9.00AM) ntv7 《夺命游戏2》 制作特辑之 演员情绪没有take 2 ***************************************** 《夺命游戏2》THE GAME 2  The Game – Malaysia’s 1st ever reality drama – definitely deserves a second run on TV screen with its highly successful achievements including ranking No.1 amongst all Chinese shows on Merdeka eve in 2012 with over 628,000 Chinese viewers at 43% Chinese share. The two-hour reality drama which made its debut on ntv7 to coincide with the Hungry Ghost Festival also crunched amazing numbers on its social media platforms including a whopping 228% increase in Facebook page likes. 《夺命游戏2》THE GAME 2  To celebrate the remarkable feat of its first run, the show now returns with a second installmen