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[Photo] Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2015 @ Mid Valley Megamall #KLPF2015

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2015 @ Mid Valley Megamall #KLPF2015 Instead of keeping the photos taken at #KLPF2015 in my hard disk waiting to be processed, I choosed some photos and edited using VSCOCAM on #myGalaxyNote5 before I posted it on this blog post. Everything was pretty smooth when I drafting this post on my mobile phone, almost all the features and layout appear the same on Chrome Mobile. But when I almost complete drafting this post, I accidentally replaced the whole post with a just a phrase...I was like...WTF!!! Usually I can just press Ctrl+Z (Undo) button to recover it but I don't think any smartphone have this feature... Hence I recovered the photos that has been uploaded here and decided to type the story on my laptop. KLPF is a photography event that if no model photoshoot/contest being held by the exhibitor/organiser, it won't be that interesting anymore hahaha. Saw a big group of photographers who brought their best camera gears, climb

Sony 6 Newcomers - A99, DSC-RX1, NEX-5R, NEX-6, Full-Frame Handycam @ KLPF 2012

Sony announced release of several new camera during KLPF 2012 @ MidValley Exhibition Sony’s latest Alpha 99 , the flagship A-mount 35 mm full-frame camera took the centre stage at the Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2012 in October, along with the other 5 newcomers for Sony digital imaging product line-up. The new cameras include full-frame models – Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 and Handycam NEX-VG900 ; and NEX-5R , NEX-6 as well as Handycam NEX-VG30 .     I personally think that Sony launched too many products at one time. Which leads to my slow update and a super long article just to introduce all six Sony newcomers. It is good to launch everyone at one same day to save event cost, but I still hope next time it will be an event focus on just one range of product. A bit overwhelmed for me to process all the information ~ Among all 6 SONY newcomers, I personally more interested with Sony DSC-RX1 as it is a full-frame compact camera that's so small and easy to bring aroun

My Featured Photo @ Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival [KLPF] 2012 吉隆坡摄影节

  Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 吉隆坡摄影节 [KLPF] 2012 ,  Malaysia’s biggest and hottest imaging event with a combination of photography and travel elements is now open for all photographer fanatic at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. In KLPF 2012 , the travel sector is getting a bigger exposure with the setting up of one hall specially dedicated to the FITE (Free Independent Travel Exchange) where opportunities are open to travel business operators and travel organisations to offer their products directly to free independent travellers. Amongst the highlights of KLPF 2012 are:- Photo-creator of the Year 2012 where Malaysian photographers are set to vie for the award. This award recognises the creativity and potentials of emerging photographers in Malaysia. Participants are required to submit their work based on the theme “Seni & the City” where “seni” means art in the Malay language. I am glad my buddy Gary Ng is one of the finalist! Hope he win! “City” a photograp