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11.11 LAZADA Discount & Promo Code 2020 (up to RM75 Vouchers) | NESTLE MILO NESTUM NESCAFE

LAZADA 11.11 PROMO CODE 2020 Nestle Discount code from RM15 up to RM75 discount LAZADA x NESTLE 11.11 Crazy Brand Mega Offer with storewide discount up to 90% (12AM - 2AM on 11 Nov 2020 only). As a black coffee lover, I always like to buy Nescafe Gold Black Coffee from the grocery store. If you are practicing intermittent fasting and have bullet coffee, stock up your black coffee now with the Nescafe and Nestle 11.11 Special Promo. 【Click here for LAZADA x NESTLE RM75 Discount Voucher】 - RM75 voucher is applicable from 12AM - 2AM on 11 November 2020 only  - *Minimum spend RM299 only 【Click here for LAZADA x NESTLE RM15 Discount Voucher】 - RM15 voucher is applicable from 12AM - 2AM WHOLE DAY on 11 November 2020 only - *Minimum spend RM100 only Valid at 12 - 2am on 11.11 only Up to 90% OFF storewide!

Morning Zumba @ Bukit Jalil Park #MoreLife

Morning Zumba @ Bukit Jalil Park Harlo!! Hope it is a good day to you =) I've always heard my girlfriend go exercise at Bukit Jalil Park after work and I wonder how good is that place in the morning. Hence we've decided to go there really early to exercise during a weekend and it so happen that there was this World Alzheimer's Day Memory Walk  happening at the park. Glad that we were there early enough to find parking and guess what?? I did my first Zumba exercise at the park. It was fun! *shake my booty*


I myself as a Malaysian, feel really blessed when I think of how many different places I can go for sightseeing and do extreme sport/challenges! But there are still many excited places that are still hidden and not much people know where and how to go there! From the cities to the 'kampung' , jungles to the highlands, rivers to the seas, there's just so many new experiences to discover. Therefore, NESTLE DRUMSTICK is on a quest to identify the most adventurous things to do in our country. Spot it and you'll be rewarded!! $$$ Once these exciting locations have been marked, NESTLÉ DRUMSTICK then invites you to experience them yourself. Where there's NESTLÉ DRUMSTICK, there's Adventure. And now you can live it in the NESTLÉ DRUMSTICK Home of Adventure . NESTLÉ DRUMSTICK Home of Adventure You shall start pinning your Adventures now at NESTLÉ DRUMSTICK Home of Adventure and be among the best participants to win cash prizes! Ten (10) w

World Walking Day: See you at Putrajaya this 28 Oct!

World Walking Day with Nestle on 28 Oct 2012 Running, hopping, swimming, skipping or dancing suits you more? I've seen so many Marathon events going on and I myself joined a few too. This is my first time heard about World Walking Day in Malaysia ! World Walking Day with Nestle on 28 Oct 2012 Ever feel bored of running and exercise inside the gym? I do! As for me I prefer swimming to keep fit. It was fun to join marathon too but most of the time I walk instead of run as I will carry my heavy DSLR along hahaha. Guess what? I am really happy when Nestle came out with World Walking Day . Yes! I can walk with two thousand people, have free breakfast, free t-shirt and lucky draw too. Best thing is you don't need to pay to participate in World Walking Day by Nestle on 28th October 2012 . It's FREE! World Walking Day 2011 @ Putrajaya Last year there was an event for World Walking day too. The Putrajaya Walk itself has garnered 4,000 participants and in

MILO 3-Sided Futsal Challenge 2012 Launch @ Taylor's Lakeside

MILO 3-Sided Futsal Challenge 2012 Launch @ Taylor's Lakeside Do you remember my blog post about MILO CANS NEXT GAMES where you can win RM10,000 cash?! [ Read the blogpost here ]. Guess what? 6th march marks the day of the launch of MILO 3-Sides Futsal Challenge! A brand new extraordinary sport with 3 teams competing in a circular futsal court. This MILO Cans Next Games is open to 81 university/college teams where they can win up to RM10,000 cash with trophy and medals ! 3-Sided Futsal has a round field instead of a rectangle. There will be 3 different goal for 3 different team. 3 group (with 3 members/group) versus each other and try to score a goal. It is definitely something new. For safety purpose, I suggest they create a sphere shape net to prevent the ball to hit the audience. It would be great for players to shoot a goal too! This new futsal game is not only the first ever in Malaysia but also in the World . That's a big record and as a Malaysian who won't be pro

Win RM10,000 @ MILO Cans Next Games NOW!

What's your favourite sport ? Basketball, Badminton, Volley Ball, Football or Futsal ? My favourite sport is swimming!! I feel relaxed every time I take a dip into the pool and what’s best is that I can exercise at the same time! It’s like killing two birds with one stone. But you know.. It gets boring when I am doing the same ritual again and again. Like.. 10 laps of free-stroke can be boring~ I’ ve actually thought of a few water games where I can play and exercise at the same time! Mashing this up and redefine it creatively could be the best thing ever! Hmm .... What if I combine Water Polo and Diving Treasure Hunt? See something cool below! Have you seen Footdunk ?? FootDunk is a new game that's a mash up between football and basketball. The rules of the game are simple. Get the ball into the net using only your legs, head or your body. No hands. Isn't that cool? =) Now if I tell you that when you share your idea on new exciting sports game and you can win RM 10,00