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What If The World Get Upside Down?? #LatteCaramel

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in Ipoh What if the world get upside down?? Have you ever thought of it? Instead of imagine guy and girl invert their roles in life, here's a twist of my photography by just invert the photos I took. Above photo is actually a photo of Banjaran Ipoh Retreats where the reflection of the mountain was formed on the misty hotspring. Does it look interesting for you? =) If yes continue read more!

Create Inspiring Video & Win Cash Prize Worth RM28,000 with Nescafe Cans!

I am not a coffee addict but I do drink coffee when I need to complete more task for the day. *sipping my chilled coffee* It does take quite some time to prepare your own coffee, you need to boil water, prepare coffee powder and milk. After 15 minutes then only I can have my cup of coffee. So sometimes I prefer to buy Nescafe cans and keep them in the fridge instead! There are 3 flavors of Nescafe cans and I like Mocha flavor the most. If you are a coffee drinker like I do. There's something you can do to share some love of your Future Aspiration and WIN CASH PRIZES at the same time!! Yeap, you read it right, you can win $$$$$~ By using Nescafe on The Life Facebook apps , it may help you identify what's your future aspiration looks like. You could be one out of 16 categories available there. Wanna know what's my future looks like? =) First, you just need to visit Nescafe Cans FB Page or click on Nescafe On The Life Facebook Apps . Just choose your fav

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Workshop @ Espresso Lab, Publika

  Nescafe Dolce Gusto , have you heard of it before? =) Courtesy of Nescafe Malaysia and Nuffnang I was invited to join Nescafe Dolce Gusto Tried and Tasted Coffee Session @ Espresso Lab, Publika . Too bad I was trapped in the usual traffic jam and missed out part of the sharing session...=( But never mind... at least I still didn't miss out the sharing on how to use the modern and stylish coffee machine. SCAE Certified Barista Trainer, HY Leong doing demonstration on how he usually prepare his coffee SCAE Certified Barista Trainer, HY Leong was there to demonstrate on how to prepare a cup of coffee using his own huge and complicated coffee machine compared with Nescafe Dolce Gusto . Oh well, I bet Barista has his good reason on promoting something that might not be good for his business. Let's figure out why. The coffee machine that helps a barista prepare a good cup of coffee If you are a coffee lover, I guess you would like to know how to prepare your o

Win RM10,000 @ Nescafe Chill-Lah Express Contest!

Holla guys!! Nescafe has come up with another interesting contest for us to win cash up to RM10,000 and this is a chance to get your design featured as the limited edition Nescafe series nationwide! Isn't that really cool?! =D What are the prizes? 1st Prize: RM10,000 cash + Design featured as limited edition nationwide 2nd Prize: RM 8,000 cash 3rd Prize: RM5,000 cash Top 20 Finalist: RM500 each So since I have a few talented cells in my brain, I've decided to challenge myself to create a new design for Nescafe Package at Nescafe Chill-Lah Page on Facebook! Remember to login your Facebook account. First you need to choose your favourite theme: Street Grunge, Retro, Urban Chic, Wall Street, Glam Rock or Wild Thing Remember to read their terms and conditions before start drawing. I choose Street Grunge as my style of expression. You gotta be really cautious or else you will need a lot of time to draw out your design. Here are some tips fo

The Nescarian Victory in Henessy

Today I would like to share a video of my friendS who put much efforts on this for Nescafe - Chilllah Plex! . If you like Maple Story you might feel familiar with this =) Yes! They truely need your support as they are all exhausted because of rushing for this video as the time given is so short. Many nights with insufficient sleep and luckily they stay awake with Nescafe family! So, hope you guys can pay a visit at this link and vote for them~! Help them redeem their sacrificed day and night! *When you gain more good karma you will become luckier ~!* *No more FML but more FTW~!* PS: This message is specially presented to you by Xeroz's Couple [ Xeroz and Ms.Xeroz ]