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Have you sign-up Malaysia NightRun '09?

Since I like to try new thing, this is one of the new stuff I will try. July 25th has been marked up for this Malaysia Men'sHealth NightRun '09 I feel that this is special because first time run at night ;p Without the hot weather it will be a lot better!! I prefer the Fun Run (5KM) as I am sure my stamina can't go for tougher run yet. Below is the route that people will go through For only RM30 you can have a goodie bag which worth over RM300 :) Below are the sponsors :) Is it for guys only? No! Girls also welcome to have a run! If you are interested please register @ Shape(Girl) or Men's Health(Guy) To prevent any hassle, it is better to pay the fees online through With only extra RM4 you will save your petrol fees and time to collect your shirts and goodies bag :) Who will I able to meet? :) Could it be you?

I'm Seeing David Archuleta @ Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre!

Just now went to Sunway Pyramid to meet CookieDonut Asked an Indian guard where is "Central Avenue" and he keep saying "Asian Avenue"? Then I asked again where is "Central Avenue"...? He said, "Central Avenue tak ade, Asian Avenue ada!" Only then I figure out it is Asian Avenue NOT Central Avenue ;p This Saturday I will be able to go see David Archuleta @ Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre !! Where do I get the tickets? I would really like to thanks CookieDonut for the two FREE tickets!! Yea, totally free! ^@^ As a pay back, I will capture as much photos as I can!! I am sorry for the waiting! I didn't know you will reach earlier ;p So here are the two tickets to see David soon. Now is my turn to share with you My friends can't go with me as they have plan already. There is a mistake... So the ticket if free to grabs again. 6 more hours before it started anyone interested?? *Please make sure you are free a

"Impossible is nothing!" - I'm Mark's 马克杯

" 没有不可能 @ Impossible is nothing!! " At last he is coming out now :) I have received this "I'm Mark" Cup @ 马克杯 from friends back from Taiwan Initially asked Ru Fen 's help to buy for me but then it became my birthday present! :) Thanks a lot to my beloved friendS! This is the box layout The design of the cup is inspired from 杨丞琳's Adidas Advertisement This time it is Mark to be the cast The "Working Man @ 上班族" VS "Artist @ 艺人" "我的肝 @ My Liver" instead of "我的心 My heart" And "Anada" instead of "Adidas" Logo is similar but not the same So Anada won't be sued by Adidas la? ;p Do you like it? :) Yes, I like it very much~! "我的肝 激励我前往不可能" "My liver encouraged me to make it possible!" *Picture retrived from - * This is a nice Chinese blog, do pay a visit :)