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Funny MV:自由发挥 - 死定了

Harlo guys, just back from Paramore Concert and feel that it is too late to post up some photos/videos. So today wanna share with you guys a funny and talented MV by Taiwan Chinese Youtube's Star "自由發揮" . 自由发挥 - 死定了 I find the MV - “死定了” looks really funny especially the boy who act in the MV. He is really potential in record more videos! Let see how he acts okay? I am sure you don't want to miss out the video below~! 自由發揮-死定了 MV 自由發揮 首張專輯即將在2010年11月發行,收錄過往經典歌曲,以及全新創作。【死定了】音樂錄影帶是由 "自由發揮" 獨立製作,從腳本的設計、現場的導演拍攝、後製的剪輯,通通一手包辦。期待用音樂跟影­像讓大家的生活中,充滿更多趣味。更多的自由發揮請上 Facebook 及無名尋找自由­發揮。現在收看的是otfonetwofree自由發揮專屬youtube頻道。 Kinda impressed with 自由發揮 (李伯恩,阿達) because they record this MV all by their own and the MV definitely attracted lots of attention especially the scene where people misunderstood that the kid was trying to burn the house after broke the vase. But actually not as he was trying to create romantic effects using the candles, lol~ But still, b