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"Pledge to Live Green Now, Save the Sea Turtles!" - @wwfmy

Do you like nature? I do! My earlier trip to Pulau Kapas, Terengganu was awesome especially when I was able to see healthy corals together with fishes swimming in the sea. Nemo hiding in the living purple anemones *Captured using my compact cam with DICAPAC waterproof case* ;p We went to different snorkeling spots and tried our luck to find at least one turtle! I saw a lot of sea urchins, big clams and fishes, but I wasn't able to spot any sea turtle... Therefore, together with my friends, we did an extraordinary mission, which is to kayak all the way from the Kapas Turtle Valley Beach Resort (bottom of Pulau Kapas) to the Gemia Island (top part of Pulau Kapas) just to check out their little turtle sanctuary. Sea turtle at Gemia Island There's a pond that contain new born and adult sea turtles at the pond in Gemia Island. So far I guess that's the easiest place for you to spot living sea turtles when you travel to Pulau Kapas. Sea turtles fe

AIDSAware - Be the Message to Stop AIDS

AIDSAware is a first of its kind awareness movement which is a joint collaboration between PT Foundation and ruumzcauses whereby the public themselves become the vehicle for creating and spreading AIDS awareness utilizing social media. The public is encouraged to take a picture of themselves, their friends and/or their family members holding a AIDS/HIV related message on a piece of paper or card and posting and sharing their "photo messages" online. It incorporates a Public Service Announcement (PSA) angle whereby 42 prominent personalities and celebrities got together for free to shoot high quality photos holding their own messages on AIDS in the vein of the "Got Milk?" campaign from the United States. These shots will be compiled into a calendar, postcards, posters for PSAs and more. During the photoshoot, behind the scene videos and celebrity video messages were also shot to raise awareness and encourage further participation. The project hopes

Bukit Gasing, Is It Still Safe from Developers?

" Friday, 10 Sep 2010 - A tree have fallen across Jln 5/60 due to strong winds early this morning (approx 3am), a closer look at the photo will reveal how steep the slope is. Forces of nature may from time to time cause trees to fall. However, vegetation and root systems will hold the soil in place as evidenced by lack of erosion. Conservation management will further sustain the beauty of the our environment and its sustainability. Man’s want on development for profits thwart nature’s means of keeping steep slopes safe. Do you wish to rely on planning authorities and developers assurances of retaining walls and man-made drainage (frequently not maintained and poorly designed)? Remember Medan Damansara, Bukit Antarabangsa, Ulu Klang and Amanah Raya ." Quoted from Since 2006, efforts has been poured in conserving Bukit Gasing and to prevent unstable development to touch the land. However there are always developers that wanna