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My Future In 5 Years Time - I will be Liv-INGeasi

Went to Australia with gf to feed the Kangaroo at Lone Pine last year. I wish in future I could travel around the world more frequently. The Future of a person varies from one to another as some choose to maintain the same lifestyle, while others will have plans to do what they desire in the upcoming years. For me, I admit I used to have no plans for myself. I chose to be a happy-go-lucky person, passing my life happily, without any restrictions. However as time passes and as you grow up, you would realize every action you take will affect your future and this makes me further realize that something should be done for me. This is the time I choose to change and take my first step. This is also one of the reasons why I left my fix-time job and chose to become a fulltime blogger+photographer instead. It was tough at first as my income was irregular (sometimes no income at all), but once you see your hard work and investment start ‘blooming fruits’, you just feel that it was all worth