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PLANET EUPE MUSIC FESTIVAL 2014 ft LEE HOM, U-KISS, Yuna, Jeannie, Najwa Latif @ The Carnivall, Sungai Petani [Kedah]

PLANET EUPE MUSIC FESTIVAL 2014 ft LeeHom, U-KISS, Yuna, Jeannie Najwa Latif @ The Carnivall, Sungai Petani [Kedah] [UPDATE: If you are worry that this concert will be cancelled last minute. Worries no more as Michelle Gan from EUPE Corporation Berhad leave a comment about our worries as stated below:] "Thank you for bringing this up, but I would like to just add that our payment to the artists have been made , so as far as we are concerned, the show will go on. And this is regardless of whether or not the event will profit. Even if it does (no one can tell as this is a first) - the profits will be donated. Yes this is a huge unprecedented challenge - to hold something of this scale OUT of the city. But this is exactly the point. This will hopefully put the northern towns on the map, and make concerts affordable to all (note the prices for such a lineup; a festival, not a single-artist concert). Music should be accessible - and the smaller towns have much to offer. We