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Sparkling Tower Bridge @ London 2012 Olympic Games

Hello again! Today I decided to share a few photos of Tower Bridge taken during my journey to London 2012 Olympic Games. Thankfully it was a sunny day and I think the photos turn out well =) Big blue sky and sunny but cool weather. It was good to be there.  A panoramic shoot of the Tower Bridge area Here are some of the modern buildings while I was on the way walking to Tower Bridge This photo will turn out nicer if the sun wasn't hiding behind the cloud I don't know what's the display time for Olympic Rings but it was not shown while we crossing the bridge. Anyhow, here's a picture of me together with the huge Olympic Rings. I've decided to go back there another day as we have event during the night. Always like London with the fact that they have long sun shine periods. Here's a picture of the Tower Bridge together with the Olympic Rings at night. This is what you'll see if you are patience enough to stay around that