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Met Jamie Oliver in Person and he said Hi to Malaysia!

Well well well, it was a great day for all the Samsung Global Bloggers as we were meeting Jamie Oliver in person! I've watch Jamie in cooking TV show all the time but never ever imagine that I could meet him in person. All thanks to Samsung Global Blogger program =D Took a group photo before we get into the room to mingle with Jamie Oliver *No I didn't slap myself and this is a dream* What made me more excited? I was ONE of the TEN Samsung Global Bloggers that was picked to ask Jamie Oliver a question. (Super lucky!)  Also representing the four members of my Team ("Triple Threat")  to ask Jamie a question. Wasn't this great! Nathan(one of the Samsung Global Blogger from Australia) was just a few meters away from Jamie when he asked his question =) AND here's my question, " What type of food do you think Britain does better than anywhere else in the world?" I gave the question some twist and it was great Jamie answer it qui

Samsung Global Blogger @ Chelsea Football Club for Torch Relay!

Hohoho! This will be the blog post of my London SGB journey ( Day 1)  together with other talented Samsung Global Bloggers! We all collected our SGB uniform yesterday and now we are all in blue!! *proud* Early in the morning after breakfast, we were divided into several teams and mine is call "Triplle Threat" !! Together with Simon Roth (Austria) and Maya (Australia) as my teammates. It was great that  we can finally meet all the Samsung Global Bloggers here at London and also the judges!! Judges of SGB and the emcee. Mark is really tall!! So this morning, we went to Chelsea Football Club for our very first workshop assignment and to meet the judges. It was nice to finally meet Mark Foster, Amy Williams, Paul Steele and Zoe Palmer here. You must check out Samsung Global Blogger website to check out if my face appeared there~ Welcome from Samsung Global Blogger London 2012! All of us were separated into 4 teams to produce the most creative and inter

TC's Going to London 2012 Olympic Games!!

If you haven't know about this, keep on reading! =D Courtesy of Samsung Malaysia and generous support from my friends and family, I am one of the selected Samsung Global Blogger representing Malaysia to cover Olympic events happening at London very soon! *Yay!!*  Here's me and Sandra Tan (another SGB representative from M'sia) together with Dato' Lee Chong Wei!! It was a dream come true when I was able to interview Dato' Lee Chong Wei before he flew to London that night. Check out our exclusive interview video here! I am flying to London on 23 July 2012 and will be staying in London till 3 August 2012 . As a SGB we will able to visit many places including interview the national athletes during London 2012 Olympic Games. Besides that, I am very looking forward for the open ceremony!!  Just a bit sad that won't be staying till end of Olympic to watch the closing ceremony... But no worries, Sandra Tan will share it with you guys!! If I am l