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Brother Sharp XiLiGe Men's Wear 犀利哥男装

XiLiGe Men's Wear had their press conference on December 30, 2010 successfully which held in Shanghai . XiLiGe Men's Wear design director - Italy 's top designer FRANCESCO FIORDELLI mentioned that the forming of will helps bring long-term incomes to support his mother and brother besides raising his two sons . XiLiGe Men's Wear will be available starting 5 January2011 at 犀利哥男装 - "拒绝平凡,只做潮人" " 犀利哥男装 新闻发布会于2010年12月30日在上海圆满召开,到场媒体40多家,一大批展现犀利哥男装潮流风格的摄影大片现场展示。犀利哥男装设计总监——意大利顶级设计大师 FRANCESCO FIORDELLI 现场展示并回答记者提问,犀利哥品牌的创立将为犀利哥本人带来长期的经济收入帮助犀利哥承担赡养母亲和抚养2个儿子的家庭责任。虽然会中出现了女代言人抢上位的小插曲,但是所有媒体对犀利哥男装品牌表现出了极大兴趣和信心!犀利哥男装品牌服装将于2011年1月5日在官方网站 正式发售!" Know Your Meme: Brother Sharp (Xī Lì Gē / 犀利哥) Now even international media including Youtubers writing and talking about Xi Li Ge @ Brother Sharp . Watch the video above to have a quick understanding. The hype of Brother Sharp 犀利哥 increased drastically when his hi