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Shout! Awards 2009 - In Progress

Continue from my first post of Shout! Awards 2009 . It would be a photo streams of Malaysia celebrities and most of them looks new for me. Or should I say I didn't get myself involve much with Malaysia celebrity? There are some celebrities that I not sure about their name. So if you know it please do fill in the blanks for me and make this post looks more complete. Thanks first~! The excited expression of Sazzy Falak and ________ [Mind help me fill in the blank?] Breakthrough Film Award: KAMI I guess they are the director and script writer =) Performance by BunkFace fow winning the Rockstar Award. They looks like zombie because too much white powder =S Tony Fernandes with a tall lady Deborah Henry . Tony was praising her Favorite TV Programme: Field Trip USA I like this programme too Popstar Award: Stacy Seducing pose from __________ What's her name?? Little band of BunkFace Performance by BunkFace Can't really recognize them ^@^" I wasn't paying attention t