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G - Dragon held his G - DRAGON 2013 1 st WORLD TOUR: ONE OF A KIND IN MALAYSIA concert over the weekend on 22 June 2013 and it was an amazing night of heart-pumping, adrenaline-charged performances by GD and his special guest Taeyang . Held under a moon-lit night with visually stunning pyrotechnics and sets, the concert was a blast and GD and Taeyang worked the crowd into a frenzy every time they came on stage. I wasn't there as I was in Ipoh to attend friend's wedding. Heard from friends who attended his concert said that and it was awesome!! Anyway here's some official photos from RITS, enjoy~ G-Dragon came out from a cool vehicle How early were you there to queue for the best seat? 1:99 are female fans ha? =) Happy fans @ G-Dragon Malaysia Concert Tour One of a Kind merchandise Swag GD Dancer "burst" out "You know what I'm saying?" "Hello Malaysia!!" GD Dance GD Strip

Volkswagen. Das Auto. Show 2012 Is Back In KLCC! Register now!

[Update] Volkswagen. Das Auto. Show 2012 @ KLCC [Photo & Videos] | 8th September   ************************************ Volkswagen. Das Auto. Show 2012 @ KLCC [8th - 9th September 2012] Do you guys remember Volkswagen. Das Auto. Show 2011 @ Bukit Jalil ? If you've missed it last year, no worry as it is back again this year! Last year you can just walk in for Volkswagen. Das Auto. Show 2011, that explains the huge crowd queuing up to go inside the Dome. Now this year is different as you will need to pre-register first to book your slot and you can take your time figure out what are the surprises awaiting you inside. You can now book your tickets and have easier access to the show @ Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. Volkswagen. Das Auto. Show 2012 will be held at KLCC from 8th September to 9th September 2012 . PS: The Icon Is Back! Volkswagen. Das Auto. Show 2011 @ The Dome, Stadium Bukit Jalil   You should check out my previous post on what's happ


Continue after the sexy MV by Hyuna's Bubblepop, Hyuna is back with another sexy lady MV - Gangnam Style Hyuna's version. Hyuna looks different from Bubblepop's MV, she looks fairer and her face looks more like barbie-doll too. Do you agree? Sexy - That's Hyuna unique selling point PSY- GANGNAM STYLE - Hyuna Ver. (오빤 딱 내 스타일 ft. 현아) "Psy 's 2nd Version of "GANGNAM STYLE" by Hyuna Released! Gangnam Style - Hyuna Ver. was discussed during the making of the music video for "Gangnam Style." It can be perceived as the girl version for "Gangnam Style." The main female for this music video is 4minute's Hyuna . "Gangnam Style" is reborn with 'Oppa Is Just My Style' by Hyuna!"  Check out some of the screenshot from Hyuna's Gangnam Style MV: 'Oppa Is Just My Style' - Hyuna 'Oppa Is Just My Style' - Hyuna 'Oppa Is Just My Style' - Hyuna

NTV7 Golden Awards 《金视奖》 2012 Top 10 Revealed @ Teeq Brasserie [Celebrities Photos]

NTV7 Golden Awards 2012 Top 10 Nomination Night @ Teeq Brasserie Soo Winccu, Chris Tong, Adrian Tan, William San, Jojo, Joey Just got back from Awana Genting, it was a relaxing trip for me and my beloved one. Gonna share the photos in coming post; Today I am sharing photos that I took during NTV7 Golden Awards 2012 Top 10 Nomination Night @ Teeq Brasserie, Lot 10 . If you want to know who are the nominated actors, check out NTV7 Golden Awards 2012 Top 10 Nominees Name list . ntv7 2012《金视奖》电视剧类奖项入围名单 Golden Awards Drama Category Nominees ntv7 2012《金视奖》非电视剧类奖项入围名单 Golden Awards Non-Drama Category Nominees ntv7 2012《金视奖》观众投选类奖项入围名单 Golden Awards Viewer's Choice Nominees The only regret I had during this event is I don't have a wide lens with me to capture a good group picture of all the celebrities and VIP attended that night. I guess I need more time to get myself "warmed up" to get the courage to approach them for a group picture too, or else I would have many more