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Tourism Selangor #TSDAYOUT to Krabi, Thailand! Bye cat

Introducing the new cat that stay at the lobby of my condominium, his name is No-Tail and he got a brother named Got-Tail . So their names' short form are NT and GT . They are very playful and you can always see them in the morning/night . Hope they grow healthy like the other 4 puppies outside my condominiums and I will able to get chance to photograph them another time; The puppies still scared of me though =( Anyhow I am going for a 5 days trip to Krabi+Hatyai together with Tourism Selangor and fun peeps that no need to work on weekdays hahaha. Finally a short getaway from my recent video recording-editing spree. Hope I can get nice photos AND video footage through this trip!! *put up sun-glasses*  See you after 5 days GT and NT!! *Paw 5* Thanks for reading! Press the "Like" button and share with your friend kay? You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 , be a fans on TianChad @ 永遇乐 and follow @TianChad on Twitter for future blog

Cat Can Talk + Facebook Friend Request

Thanks to the advance technology today, making friends with people around the world is no longer hard. All you need is their name or email address to find the correct Facebook Profile. It is good to know more friends as it helps me understand other culture. FB Friend request popping up because it means someone interested to know you more, get connected and stalk you privately/publicly. Some people are so scared of disclosing personal information but eager to have a Facebook account. Hence usually they will put up photo other than themselves. Such as cat, dog, fish or even birds. I don't mind if they can introduce themselves with a private message when they sent a FB friend request. I don't approve FB Friend request without proper introduction especially when their profile is private and unrecognizable, that's because I don't know you or can't recognize you through your small profile picture =) So do always remember to introduce yourself when you add someone as your

Super Cute Kitten-Kitty @ Home

Today my neighbour's kid found this little kitten again ever since the kitten visited neighbour house yesterday. She is still innocent and look so young+cute. First, she was aware with the stranger like me. That's the curious look wondering what sound was it *camera shutter sound* Then Kitten-Kitty walk without fear to the shoes/leg #likeaboss Exploring my furry Crocs shoes too Not scare of humans, laying down letting us to 'sayang' her #likeaboss What did she saw? "When I Grow Up..." Had a close up photoshoot with Kitten-Kitty by placing her on a chair I wanna be a lion!! She has cute healthy teeth "You look familiar, what's your name again?" Neighbour fed her with milk and fish-cake. So...wanna see more cute photos of Kitten-Kitty ? Comments below especially if you never comment before ;p Thanks for reading! Press the "Like" button and share with your friend kay? You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 , be a fans on TianChad @ 永遇乐

Golden Palm Tree Getaway @ 2011.11.11

Miao~ Here's an over exposed photo of the long tail cat at Sepang Bagan Lalang beach. Me and Wern went to Golden Palm Tree after I won Golden Palm Tree 1st Anniversary contest . Glad that they allow us to visit GPT on a special day. Went to Smiley Beach to take some photos. Model behind the flowers Baywatch models are still there. You can read some of the photo post here during my #MSS2011 Tour: Fun Water Sport @ Golden Palm Tree Smiley Beach & Cycling Tour Golden Palm Tree Low Tide Tour & Golden Sunset Malaysian Night Seafood Galore @ Golden Palm Tree Grand Ballroom + Supper! Model of the day: Wern and Churpie-Churp 'Photoshoot' in progress A kid that playing on the sand during low tide. *smile* 2011.11.11 @ Golden Palm Tree The golden sunset Congratz to all couples who registered/getting married on 11th November 2011 including my friend. Thanks Golden Palm Tree for the breakaway! Feel free to read my older post below!! Hope you guys enjoy your weekend and .