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MSS Day 2: Resort World Genting+Theme Park & Awesome Dazzle Show!

After graduated from Royal Selangor School of Hard Knocks , we took the bus ride climbing up to Genting Highlands . It was fun travel with bloggers as we all have one thing in common, all of us own a blog and are Top 30 Bloggers of My Selangor Story ! We were heading to the Coffee Terrace @ Genting Hotel to have lunch together with VIP YB Elizabeth Wong, Dato' Anthony Yeo and some senior executives of Genting Highlands. We can only get this kind of experience @ My Selangor Story . All thanks to the organizer and sponsors~! Tabby the tiger, a Human Being and Allie the pinky elephant. Allie's nose is dirty because people who saw her will surely touch her long nose for good luck~! Poor Allie...~ While waiting outside Maxims Hotel Genting for arrival of YB Elizabeth Wong, we already had a warm welcome by senior executives from Resort World Genting along with Tabby and Allie mascot. Thanks for the warm welcome! YB Elizabeth Wong arrive in time and this is the first time I m