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Camera, Rolling, and Action3!

"Ready....Camera...Action!!" I thought it is so easy to come out with a video like what all the featured bloggers did on Project Alpha Season 2 . But I was wrong! It is a lot harder than I thought when I tried it out myself. Believe me! [Maybe you are not experiencing this because you are a nature actor] So, I was advised by some friends to do an audition video to be featured on Project Alpha 3. At first, I say "okay la, okay la" just to let them feel they have convinced me. But no I didn't do anything until I thought this could be a good chance to really promote my blog -, if I can get featured . Another reason is that I am kinda hoping to get to travel like Niki and Jojo to London as this is a really very absolutely super fun thing to do! Travel leh, who says no fun? XiaXue was in London too and she get to meet her fans reader there! =) Why is she popular? Cos she create a lot of noise (which is what she said and quite true). Where as Mi

My Favourite Sport

If you guys don't know yet, my favourite sport would be swimming. When I was 3 years old my father already brings me to practice at swimming pool every weekend. I was trained from nothing to something, drank lots of water in the pool, slowly get rid of myself from the floating bubbles. I've learned how to swim with frog style as it is the easiest swim move. Later then is Free Style and I wish I can learn the Butterfly in future. It just look so nice but a lot harder to learn that!! "Mom, I wanna get into the BIG pool!" Why do I choose swimming as my favourite sport? First, when you are in the water your body has less impact by the gravity, so you'll feel relax when swimming in the water. Besides, your joint won't be hurt inside the water too. You also can get a more even sun tan instead of having lines on your arms and neck only. If you want to have total silence, try dip yourself in the swimming pool and hear nothing except the water flowing sound. I wanna t

No Sweat

Are you a guy/girl who sweat easily even by just eating mild spicy food? I have a few friends who super easy to sweat once they eat hot food, especially when eating the TomYam + Additional Chilies all over the plate. They will sweat like after a sauna and can see sweat dripping down from the face and shirt become wet. Me with friend cycling at Taman Pertanian Malaysia Sometimes girls have this problem as well, but they are pretty smart on picking the right shirt to wear. Some of the suitable clothes are with fabrics like cotton, silk, linen or light wool instead of polyester or other synthetics and blended fabrics. Natural fibers allow your skin to breathe more, meaning you’ll sweat less. When it comes to colors, white or pale pastels will deflect more of the sun’s rays, so you’ll feel the heat less in these softer shades. Wearing a pale light shirt will definitely help you sweat lesser too. Sweating is a natural process and it’s hard to stop this bodily function entirely. Howev

My Favourite Surfing Spot

Talking about surfing, it would be either surfing on the sea or surfing the internet. When we talking about surfing on the sea, people will choose to go to a beach which can provide the most big good waves for them to stand on it. Jack Johnson a surfing celebrity Same rules applied, people will like to surf the internet at their favourite spot. Without any hesitation, I always like to surf internet at home but now I wanna surf the net anytime anywhere as long it give me high speed performance. I still remember when it is Dial-Up Internet age [which is 56kbps only], I used to online all the time at home and it cost me a bomb because it charge by bytes. But now technologies evolve, not only we can have internet broadband at home, we can also travel around almost everywhere with a portable laptop to online. Imagine myself travel around the world and blog about my story at anytime, anywhere. Fwah, I like it. With the availability of wireless broadband, my favourite spot is not limited to

I Just Love Good Smelling People

Just a question, anyone like people with bad smell? I guess not. I have met a few people with bad smell especially on the LRT. This happen when I use the LRT during after working hour. When I was sitting enjoying the view and LRT reached the next station, suddenly a swarm of people came in and a guy standing in front of me with his hand holding the handle. He was sweating and not to mention the air-conditioner is blowing straight to him. I am sure during that time he was enjoying the cooling air but he didn't know that people sitting in front of him start sensing weird smell and were being tortured. Yes, we all know that it was him who emitting the smell. Not to mention he was using his both hand to hold the handles. Fuh! Double attack! I moved away from him to escape the smell which torturing my nose and mind.He should at least use a deodorant. For example, Adidas Action Absorbent Anti-perspirant Deo Spray Not only you will smell fresh, but also you will smell good too! People