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MY ASTRO MUSIC AWARDS 2012 LIVE ON ASTRO AND MY FM [Update] Many people asking me how to get tickets for My Astro Music Awards. You can only get MAMA 2012 invites through MYFM Roadshow & Giveaway. Resort World Genting is not selling it on the spot. However you may try find it on Forum whether there are people selling it. MY Astro Music Awards is set to take the local Chinese music industry by storm for the third time on 17th March 2012, Saturday at 7.30pm! Presented by Volkswagen and sponsored by Resort World Genting, the awards ceremony will be broadcasted live from Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands on Astro AEC (Channel 301) and MY FM simultaneously, bringing music fans across Malaysia “more music, more live”! With over 50 awards to give away, including awards for the Top 25 Golden Melodies , the star-studded event will see an exciting string of popular personalities and familiar faces from overseas as well as our local music industry. Notably, look out for appearances by Tw

Fist of Dragon 龍拳 Gala Premiere & Review [Photos]

Do you remember the Fist of Dragon 龍拳 Premiere Ticket Giveaway that was held not long ago?? Yeah this is an exclusive screening for kung-fu fans and lucky blogger like us. Congratz again to all winner who won premiere tickets through this channel and apologize for having you guys sitting at the front row and hope you didn't sprained your neck. Fist of Dragon 龍拳 Gala Premiere @ GSC Pavilion Look at the brightside, because of sitting at the front row we were manage to snap this press-look photo. However, it will still be better if we can sit at the behind because it is not really comfortable to position your head way up high to the screen for almost 2 hours. Bloggers who attended: Merryn Tan , Jess Lee , YiWern , Amelia Ling Leopard print = Gangster. No? YiWern, TC, Aki with fluffy hair , Merryn, Kelvin Tan , Jess Lee and Benjamin Foo A waiter with bright smile that serve us food and make sure we are not starved. Thanks! Artist started to arrive at the red carpet accompany by gang

Friend Zone & Forever Alone. Really?

You'd understand right? You always do... 'Friend-zoning' does happen in some people's life and I've seen that happen to a friend who has went through above mentioned stages and ends up "Forever Alone" after spending so much time with her. Well, some girl do think that they can be friends with guys(without any further relationship development) but that's not how most guys think about it. Please refer to this video survey to find out why men and women can't be just friends . I find this video "Alone, forever?" is nicely scripted and edited with related music and tone. You can read the directors notes here! . Thumbs up for Malaysia Talented YouTuber!! Writer & Director: Ming H. Co-director, Videography & Editing: Bryan LYT Music by: Edwin T. & Ming H. Cast: Marianne T., Sam C., Ming H. Narration: Ming H. Here's an advice to those who went through the above mentioned "stages".

@Wongfupro Autographed & Framed Photo [GIVEAWAY]

Remember I said I will do giveaway related with Wong Fu Productions ? Here it is!! Courtesy of the organizer and Wong Fu's nice guys , I manage to grab their signatures (Philip Wang & Wesley Chan) on some photos that I've printed out and framed them up just to rewards readers of and beloved Wong Fu Fans! How I wish Ted Fu was in Malaysia to make this photo even more perfect but well, hope I can get it next time during their next visit? GIVEAWAY 1 - CREATIVITY RULE 1. "Like" FB Page and follow @TianChad on Twitter. 2. "Like" ALL FOUR Wong Fu Productions Blog Post . Wong Fu Productions Visit Malaysia @ FullHouse Sunway Giza Wong Fu Productions Answering Personal Questions Wong Fu Productions Mini Symposium @ Taylor's Lakeside Wong Fu Productions Being Poked @ Meet & Greet Malaysia [ Photos+Video] 3. Press the Like button at the beginning/end of this post and share using the Tweet Button. (Mention me so I can see y

Nuffnang 5th Birthday Celebration Little Crazy Ideas

Nuffnang is having 5th birthday celebration at Neverland this weekend. So how should Nuffnang stick man celebrate his 5th birthday? * Kido Daruma put on thinking cap* If you guys like adrenaline rush, go for a few round on this Superman Roller Coaster ride. It is just perfectly awesome like bungy jump. PS: This one located in Goldcoast Australia, it was fun to be on it! Or can make it easier. Climb Broga Hill in mid-night to see sunrise. Bring along a birthday cake and blow it when reach the top. If you are lucky you can see amazing sunrise with colourful sky =) Both place sound so far? Don't worry get Doraemon to help you out with his "Dokodemo Door" [Pintu Suka Hati /任意门] You will just reach there in second and celebrate with fireworks on top of the hill! *imagination getting crazy* I guess Nuffnang Stickman do deserve pretty lady in blue to accompany him during his 5th birthday. Of course Tim would be with Audrey for A-Thousand-Year. *I believe it is easily to

Wong Fu Productions Being Poked @ Meet & Greet Malaysia [ Photos+Video]

After Wong Fu Productions Mini Symposium me and Lainey+Fresh went for a break somewhere in Taylor's Lakeside while hardcore Wong Fu Fans already queuing up to meet and greet Philip Wang & Wesley Chan while Ted Fu is still at "Bat-u Cave" Read my previous post about Wong Fu's visit to Malaysia kay? =) Wong Fu Productions Visit Malaysia @ FullHouse Sunway Giza Wong Fu Productions Answering Personal Questions Wong Fu Productions Mini Symposium @ Taylor's Lakeside When "Blue" found "Pink" Lainey & Fresh with her winning glory Nice Guy shirt Had some Jaz Lychee Beer. Doesn't taste sweet but have Lychee's scent Ikan Bilis sausages as my lunch++ Fans queuing up to be the few few greet Wong Fu Emcee of the day - @Jinnyboy from Have you watch his video #ABUDEN ? It's funny =) Wesley Chan & Philip Wang suddenly appear at upstairs checking out the crowd. Fans cheered loudly and posing with "WONG FU 4 LYFE" as We