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AXE Anarchy Island Getaway with Fay Hokulani!

Beautiful sky view of Pulau Kapas Two weeks ago I was still at Pulau Kapas together with close friends enjoying the sunny blue-sky especially the clear blue sea! Being an adventurous guy my friend and I managed to reach the top of Pulau Kapas, which was the mini light house, that we got to see this super great sky view. Check out the sunny beach! I feel really grateful that I bought a Dicapac waterproof camera case so that I could take photos of the living creature in the water. (Thanks to my trustworthy compact camera too haha) We had been snorkeling at several spots and the last spot was the best snorkeling AND diving place! Check out the photos we had took below: Healthy living Nemo was hiding among the anemone and sometimes you could bump into a group of sea urchins under your feet. Feel happy and sad at the same time when I saw a colourful but injured jelly-fish. Hope it managed to survive.    Courtesy of Jian, we managed to capture a photo of happy Nemo family h