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Cute Fluffy Rabbit & Winky Puppy

Visited the saloon again to have a new hair cut with new 'tattoo' on the head. Spotted two little cute thing in the house. Is this fluffy trying to camouflage on his bed? #phail =) Introducing Fluffy-Caffy ! I guess every fluffy baby will look as cute as this little rabbit Tiny little body with huge eyes This is how he sleep. PS: Don't know its gender yet cos... You know la Here comes another cute creature - Winky-Pup . Winky was trying to hide himself or maybe he just like his pink blanket. *sniffing* Nope he is not wearing pupil enlarge contact lens Winky has all nature black eye like fluffy above. As usual, puppy and little rabbit sleep as much as babies. All photo above was captured with Canon IXUS 220 HS that I won from Singapore Tourism Board Blogging Contest . One of the function that I like damn much is the High Speed video record . You must watch the video below to be amazed =) Why Winky Pup is his name? Watch this video then you'll know =) Glad to meet bot

Maroon 5 Live In Kuala Lumpur Concert @ Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil [Photo+Video]

Maroon 5 Live In Kuala Lumpur Concert DATE : 29 April 2011 VENUE: Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil Just back from Maroon 5 concert live in KL , quite short but enjoyable concert to be in. Started around 9.30pm++ and Maroon 5 have different crowd of fans compared with other concert. More loving couple spotted inside the Arena B zone =) Since no DSLR allowed, all photos taken using my brand new Canon IXUS 220 HS . The photo didn't turn out as nice as DSLR but definitely can produce nice video. Thumbs up! Was just behind the video crews with their multi monitor on "Matt Flynn in the spot light " This is my favourite picture among all. What do you think? =) During the concert Adam Levine keep saying thank you to all his fans and even said in Malay too "Terima Kasih". Maybe that explain the crowd of fans that he have =) Most of them are good looking with the kind face haha. Thanks my buddy Nigel and Maxis for the concert ticket. "Won't Go Home Without You" @ M