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[Preview] SodaGreen Music Night @ Malaysia 蘇打綠 夏/狂熱音樂會

Thanks to my friend WenHong who invited me for 蘇打綠.夏/狂熱音樂會 Sodagreen Music Night . Although there is a rain and we might get "Fever" (Same as the new album's name), I still enjoy the awesome performance from them!! Took 2,000++ pictures (using compact camera, quality not so extreme, therefore trying my lucks to get nice pictures with burst shot. D90 come to me~! ) and gotta select the best few to posted on a more detailed post. I randomly select two pictures for this post. Sodagreen - 青峰, 馨儀, 家凱 & 小威 Individual shoot for 阿福 Woohoo, Sodagreen first time in Malaysia! Thanks bloodbubble for the clear video - "小情歌" =) 「夏/狂熱」 @ Fever For fans out there, remember support their new album ya! Stay tuned for more photo and deep in stories from . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anyone has friends who open a camera shop selling DSLR? I hoping to buy a Nikon D90 at their best price with your help. Do you know the market price and m