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Samsung NX1 & SEF580A Flash Unboxing

Samsung NX1 Unboxing by silly TianChad It has been a while since I've shoot an unboxing video. The last video was to unbox a Blackberry smartphone... (woot sounds really long ago). Anyway today I would like to share my quick video unboxing the  Smart Camera NX1, 16-50 mm Premium S Lens, Vertical Grip & Battery Kit. I was busy lately hence sorry for the delay. Currently still trying to get use to the new platform and buttons of Samsung NX1 as it is kinda different from my DSLR. The reason why NX1 could be a good camera for you is when you haven't invest in any camera system and wanted to have a good start in the DSLR like mirrorless smart camera. I will elaborate more after the video. Now please watch the unboxing video to see what are the things hidden inside that big box. Oh yeah, I got myself a Samsung Flash gun to pair it with NX1 too. Samsung NX1 Unboxing with Samsung GN58 SEF580A Flash 

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014: Street Photography with You #SCKLM2014

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014 If you ask me to choose between running and swimming, I will definitely go for swimming because it is more comfortable and relaxing for me instead of panting for breath after a run haha. My lovely girlfriend love to run so I accompanied her to Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014 the other day. Seriously, I find it difficult to wake up early in the morning at 5am just to go for a morning run. But well it is once a year to witness this huge KL marathon in the beautiful heart of Malaysia.  I was planning to take photos for girlfriend and friends at the finish line but in the end I think I took more street shoots and shoot something different this time (real excuse is because I didn't manage to spot them at the finish line hahaha)