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Bruno Mars Unorthodox Jukebox Flashmob with Ape @ KL Pavilion [Malaysia]

Pavilion KL Christmas Decoration 2012 On a Selangor public holiday, I went to Pavilion KL to check out their new Christmas Decoration 2012 and I was waiting for the surprise that Warner Music Malaysia did to celebrate the release of Bruno Mars sophomore album ‘Unorthodox Jukebox’ .  First, I saw  Ape was walking around the crowd at the main entrance of Pavilion KL. Whoever challenged the Ape to follow his monkey dance will win himself the brand new 'Unorthodox Jukebox' CD Album!! The public were amused by the Ape antics,entertained with Bruno Mars music from the mini boom box and curious by the ‘SCAN ME’ t-shirt. Gangnam style with the Ape and crews Yes  he won himself the brand new Bruno Mars album =) The friendly Ape waiting for more Burno fans to challenge him with the dance!   Ape can't resist dancing with the Sexy Young Girl haha Photo opportunity with Bruno's Ape The album cover of Bruno Mars latest album come

Glee FlashMob Malaysia | MidValley Garden

Before writing stories about Malaysia Glee Flashmob today, I would like to share experience during the second dance rehearsal at school .( I have share my first time rehearsal here ) These are the bigger crowd compared to the first time rehearsal. Why are we in school but not Mid Valley Garden Ballroom? I am not sure, I guess it involve with money =S However, kinda impressed with what RA(Random Alphabets) able to do as they are able to get us all practice in S.M.K. Bukit Bintang Secondary School . Thank you to the school headmaster! It was a rainy day, super humid which cause all of us sweat like nobody else. Some more so pack. Chris and friend set up the projector on first floor. Yeap we "conquer" the upstairs too. Then Zain typing out some I-Know-How-You-Feel-Message And trying to arrange transport for those who go back late. This is a good move. It is definitely not a good idea to rehearse at a place that is so humid without air-con, but looking at the crowd practisi

Glee FlashMob Rehearsal | RandamAlphabets

Okay, straight to the point, I was there at Glee FlashMob rehearsal in Garden Ballroom just now. Early birds are getting more and more after I arrived. Participated in both session but left earlier a bit because wanna blog about this =) First, to break the ice, you gotta get yourself a color name tag. They actually assign us into different groups by refer to the colour. So if you wanna stay with your friends and dance along. Choose the same color yo! But for it to be more challenging and get to know more friends, choose the different colour! I dare you! ;p Had a little briefing by Zaid from RandamAlphabets . Christ, Andy, Angelie, Khalil were there. We are now all the Early Glee-Birds dancing around! *sounds wrong* Here's a short video during the rehearsal before we all practice the same dance move =) GleeFlashMob Rehearsal @ Garden | RandomAlphabets Thanks guys for preparing drinking water for all of us. I ordered a set of Thai Fried Rice at Garden's Food Court after 2-3