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Maroon 5 Live In Kuala Lumpur Concert @ Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil [Photo+Video]

Maroon 5 Live In Kuala Lumpur Concert DATE : 29 April 2011 VENUE: Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil Just back from Maroon 5 concert live in KL , quite short but enjoyable concert to be in. Started around 9.30pm++ and Maroon 5 have different crowd of fans compared with other concert. More loving couple spotted inside the Arena B zone =) Since no DSLR allowed, all photos taken using my brand new Canon IXUS 220 HS . The photo didn't turn out as nice as DSLR but definitely can produce nice video. Thumbs up! Was just behind the video crews with their multi monitor on "Matt Flynn in the spot light " This is my favourite picture among all. What do you think? =) During the concert Adam Levine keep saying thank you to all his fans and even said in Malay too "Terima Kasih". Maybe that explain the crowd of fans that he have =) Most of them are good looking with the kind face haha. Thanks my buddy Nigel and Maxis for the concert ticket. "Won't Go Home Without You" @ M

HTC Desire S Review: Unbox + First Impression #maxis10

Here comes the long awaiting HTC Desire S . Want to thanks #maxis10 again for choosing me as one of the brand new gadget reviewer. Let see what I can share with you guys starting now! Once received the brand new HTC Desire S from Maxis I can't stop my self but to open it on the spot and check if the battery can function or not. So here comes the unboxing part. It was covered by a piece of plastic to cover it's screen. Saw the direction on how to open the back cover of the phone too when remove the plastic. Here's the back view of HTC Desire S. I like the combination of the phone cover with rubber material around the small but powerful camera and LED Flash. Some more with the curvy look. Nice~! Saw the little hole there? that's the mic and voice receiver. Will share more about this when sharing about video recording part. There are pro and con for that little "hole" How to open HTC Desire S Battery cover? Turn your phone upside down,

Official iPad 2 Price in Malaysia Revealed Get It Online! [Black/White]

iPad 2 - Thinner, Lighter, and Faster officially now available in Malaysia selected Machine Stores iPad 2 starting price from RM1,499 Now you can have wider face time screen compared with iPhone 4, smart covers to safe battery, protect the screen and utilize as a support tool. 10 hour battery for long time entertainment and usage. Select your iPad 2, with Wifi and wanna include 3G also? The different is around RM400. Reasonable enough? The official price of Black/White iPad 2 in Malaysia as below: iPad 2 with Wi-Fi 16 GB iPad 2 RM 1,499.00 [Black/White] 32 GB iPad 2 RM 1,799.00 [Black/White] 64 GB iPad 2 RM 2,099.00 [Black/White] iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G 16 GB iPad 2 RM 1,899.00 [Black/White]

KilKenny Now in The Bee @ Jaya One

Just tonight I visited The Bee @ Jaya One with Redbuttockz for dinner. There were a lot of promotions during weekday, lunch/tea time. Feeling hungry, I ordered an Avocado Chicken Burger for dinner. While looking through the menu and promotions, I saw that Kilkenny is now available at The Bee. That was definitely what I needed to wind myself down after a long day. Redbuttockz was itching for pasta thus she ordered a Fettucini Carbonara. The carbonara definitely looked like a good match with my bottle of Kilkenny , isn’t it? Well, the food needed time to get itself cooked and since I was served my Kilkenny first, I did what most bloggers will do when they have a camera in hand – Camwhoring. We did take quite a few shots but I decided to post only a few here. A candid shoot that ends up with a great smile =D Kilkenny has been around for quite some time in the Klang Valley and I’ve tried their Kilkenny Draught a few times before this. Upon seeing Kilkenny is now available in bo