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Selfie with that AWESOME Fish-Eye

Acting cool in the bush  Okie, today is gonna be a random #TBT post as just submitted an advertorial draft and feels like wanna update something for my blog today. Above picture was taken before I went to the event as I couldn't resist the beautiful 'lalang' that growing awesomely as a bush. As usual, I brought my camera attached with my favourite selfie lens - Samyang 8mm Fish-eye (Now you know my secret weapon hahaha) to take a photo in that beautiful corner. I just wish that this happen to my next visit at Broga Hills as the picture will look freaking awesome!! Never been to Broga Hills? Read my post about hiking Broga Hills early in the morning below! Broga Hill Morning Hike: 7 Things to Bring & Prepare My First Broga Hill Timelapse Video using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 How to go to Broga Hill @ Semenyih? Another narcissist selfie in the 'lalang' bush I hope that next time I can shoot beautiful models in this beautiful place instead of mysel